24 S06E08 (Fox) Recap And Review

As the team converges on the silver Maserati, the net gets even tighter. Milo is able to spot the car on the satellite and track it. When Jack makes his move, they are too late; McCarthy took the car under an underpass and switched cars. He gets a call from Fayed telling him where to go. As he inputs his destination into the GPS unit, McCarthy is shot and killed by Rita, his girlfriend.

Morris thinks he is rescued, but Rita is in route to get the 7 million in cash from Fayed. Jack learns that Graem is dead. What he doesn’t know is that his father killed him, which will be revealed during the autopsy later on.

Chloe is loosing it because her boyfriend has been kidnapped by McCarthy. He tells Rita that this is about nuclear bombs. Lennox is reeling from the reaction of the President. He asks his aide to draft his letter of resignation.

Reed, the assistant, is communication with his minders and they put forth their agenda. However, Reed needs access to the President to put in place their plan, probably involving the death of Palmer. Lennox needs to stay in place in order for Reed to be close to the President. The minder asks Reed to feel Lennox out, to let him know what is coming.

Meanwhile, Graem’s family learns of his death. Rita delivers Morris to the terrorists. Morris gets worked over by Fayed’s people. Rita will get her money when Morris completes his task of reprogramming all of the 4 suitcase nukes.

Assad arrives and the President meets him. The President wants him to appear on TV to sway the minds of the fundamentalist Muslims helping the terrorists.

As Fayed starts to use a power drill to work on Morris, Rita wants to get out. She says she is renouncing the 7 million, and Fayed kills her. Morris says he will cooperate before Fayed uses the drill again.

As Reed is probing Lennox, Lennox understands what Reed is insinuating. It does not work. And Reed is left out in the cold, without the possibility of access to the President.

As the agents prepare to storm the apartment, Morris works on reprogramming the device, and when he finishes, Fayed tests it out on a suitcase nuke that he brought with him.

Satisfied, Fayed orders Morris killed, but before he can be executed, CTU storms in with their agents. All hostiles except Fayed are accounted for. Fayed left them a little surprise, a suitcase nuke, armed and ready to detonate.

While Jack starts working on the nuke, the agents report that Fayed made his escape through a tunnel, leading into the ventilation system. For there, he accessed the sewers and made his way to a waiting chopped, disguised as a medevac. He escaped.

Jack deactivates the nuke just in time but gets the bad news from Morris. Reed gets a phone call from Lennox after they both get the news on Fayed. Lennox reconsidered Reed’s proposal.

* * * * *

After last week’s stunning development, that Philip Bauer was involved in the whole conspiracy, way more than anyone ever suspected, I wonder how deep it goes.

Events are developing quickly, as the time runs out. It seems that Fayed is always a step ahead for now.

* * * * *

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