24 S06E09 (Fox)

A strange sun taken through a window at the Taoyuan airport in Taiwan. Photo taken on the 15th of February 2007 with a Nikon D200 and a 18-2000mm VR lens. Part of the Suvarnabhumi Series in the Thailand Chronicles.

Fayed calls Gredenko and they talk about a delivery device that will use the last 3 nukes in an unspecified fashion. Fayed tells Gredenko to reprogram for the new unspecified target location.

We get more info on Gredenko from CTU. Gredenko is an ultra national; any harm that will come to the US is in line with his desires.

The President is warned once more by the Vice-President Daniels, to no avail. Assad tells the President that they will come after him, he better tread lightly around in his own people.

Bauer’s father is deeply involved and cleans up Graem’s cell phone and other items that might incriminate him. He calls one of his underlings and tells him to find and kill Gredenko at any cost; if Jack finds him, he will involve the company and Jack’s father. This has to be stopped.

As Jack’s sister-in-law Marilyn helps Jack to find a house where she followed Graem one night, and that she heard Russians talking, she gets a chilling call from Phillip Bauer. He tells her that he will hurt Josh, his grandson, if she brings Jack to the correct location. He gives her another address. He warns her that he has already killed his son today, so that killing another family member isn’t a problem for him.

When Jack and his team make an entrance into the house, Jack spots a bomb and warns his team as he dives out a window; the house explodes, and it looks like Jack just got cinged.

Marilyn and Milo are being pursued by a team of mercs trying to get them, especially Marilyn. Milo explodes the van and gets out of there, but they are being chased by the hostiles.

* * * * *

Now that Milo and Marilyn are on the run, will Jack have enough time to rescue them? Probably yes. James Cromwell plays a great patriarch in this series, though severely twisted; when killing his own son isn’t good enough, he has to threaten to kill his own grandson!

That is harsh, meaning that the stakes must be impossible high for this character.

That is pretty cold from the old man, no wonder that Jack left.

Until now, Jack doesn’t suspect a thing, but if he saves Marilyn, she will probably tell him what his father has done and admitted to her.

The Russians are also an interesting part of this. I wonder really what their agenda is. Just to create chaos?

Well, I know I still have two episodes to watch in the next few days, so I will get some answers.


* * * * *

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