Lost S03E08 (ABC)


The top part of the Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok, Thailand. Even though the airport has a lot of problems, it’s design is striking. Taken on the 15th of February 2007 with a Nikon D200 and a 18-200mm VR lens. Part of the Suvarnabhumi Series in the Thailand Chronicles.

Desmond comes to fetch Charlie and Hurly; Locke and Sayid have returned from their mission. They tell them that Eko is dead; he has been killed by the island. Strangely, Desmond looks around and starts running toward the ocean. He plunges into the water to save someone. Claire. At first, no one can tell who is in the water, but they piece it together pretty quickly.

Sun tells the guys that Claire just took off for a walk. Desmond is able to save her, but Charlie asks how he was able to do that. Hurly tells him that Desmond can see the future.

After elaborating a crude plan to inebriate Desmond into revealing his secrets, Charlie just ends up calling Desmond a coward and this does not sit well with Desmond. He takes a hold of Charlie and starts to choke him. 

At this point, Desmond starts reliving the past.

As he turned the safety key from the hatch, he saw flashes of his past.

We learn what happened between Penny Widmore and Desmond. Desmond tried to ask her hand in marriage from her father, but her father told him that he wasn’t good enough. He meets an oracle or his subconscious mascarading as an oracle telling him that he will be saving the world by pressing the button on the island and that he will not marry Penny because of this. His place is on the island in the future and this will probably be the only great thing that he will ever do.

As foretold, this unfolds again and Desmond sees that he can see the future. The oracle tells him that no matter what he does, some people are destined to die, and the universe has the capacity of course correction, and that person will die.

Back at camp, after Desmond relived this, he talks with Charlie and tells him that he wasn’t trying to save Claire in the water, but he was trying to save Charlie. Originally, Charlie dove in after Claire and drowned. Since Desmond is reliving his life, he tries to change this, but this is the second time that he saved Charlie. The first time was when he constructed the lightening rod. It wasn’t to save Claire, but to save Charlie.

He tells him that he was destined to die, and that he has saved him already twice, but he can not save him every time. Desmond tells him that at some point, Charlie will die.

* * * * *

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