Lost S03E09 (ABC)


One of the displays telling travelers to which gate to go on transfer flights in Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok, Thailand. Taken with a Nikon D200 and a 18-200mm VR lens on the 15th of February 2007. Part of the Suvarnabhumi Series in the Thailand Chronicles.

Jack is ordered to move by Tom from his bunker prison to another location. They move him and Juliet is brought in because she had to kill Danny. Juliet asks Jack to help Ben again, he refuses. In the flashbacks, we see Jack relaxing in Phuket, Thailand. He meets a strange woman, played by Bai Lin. She stays with him for a few weeks, leaves and comes at odd hours. Jack follows her one night and discovers that she is a tattoo artist.

She says that she isn’t a tattoo artist, but a visionary who sees what people truly are and marks them, defines them. Jack forces her to mark him, but she says that there will be consequences. She is not allowed to mark strangers, farangs.

One morning in Phuket, he gets attacked by a gang of thugs led by the woman’s brother warn him off the island.

Alex tells Jack that they will kill Juliet. Jack then tells her to get him out of the cage and to take him to Ben. He parlays again with Ben. Ben’s sutures are infected and need to be treated. In exchange, Jack will stay near him and help him. As well, Ben will commute Juliet’s sentence.

Jack meets another important person in the Others, the so-called Sheriff, Isabel. She introduces herself by reading out loud his tattoo. His tattoo is in Mandarin. The tattoo was made by a Thai woman in Phuket. Though this only refers to the Mandarin characters, not the rest of the tattoo, which Jack probably got at a latter date, since it wasn’t there at the time in Thailand; his arm was completely bare when the Thai woman tattooed him.

He walks among us but isn’t one of us.

Before, he is asked to testify to what happened, but Jack refuses to do so. In his cage, he sees that Cindy, a stewardess from the plane, ask him questions about Anna Lucia. Jack freaks out and chases them away, like a mad monkey.

While Sawyer and Sawyer asks Carl what do they do with the children. He answers that they give them a better life. A better life asks Sawyer. A better life than what you could give them.

Ben finally gives Alex a note to hand to Isabel. Juliet is not going to be executed, but she will be marked, branded. We learn that the Others do not live on that island, they only work there. They live on the same island as the losties.

Meanwhile, Sawyer and Kate make it off to their island safely. They argue about a lot of things, but nothing is really relevant. Sawyer tells her that she doesn’t have to feel bad, he knows that she only slept with him because at the time, he was a dead man.

The Others are off to their island, and Jack is going with them to watch over Ben.

* * * * *

I get the impression that Jack will be stuck with the Others for a while. Most probably a good part of the 3rd season. We need to find out more about all this, it is still mostly unclear. They are like pieces of a puzzle, that can not be assembled since we can not see the big picture. Contrary to parts of the second season, which I found a bit slow, the 3rd season really has good pacing and continues to reveal details in each and every episode.

And what I really like, is that it gets even more mysterious, if that is at all possible.

* * * * *

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