Bus Instead Of Train Or The Wat Phra Mahathat Series

The Buddha facing another way, away from the bigger Buddha statue in front of the Wat.


I have decided to share a few more photos of our trip to Thailand. For now, these are all of the same Wat, Wat Phra Mahathat in Ayutthaya Historical Park. All of these photos were taken on the 18th of February 2007 with a Nikon D200 and a 18-200mm VR lens. Part of the Ayutthaya Series in the Thailand Chronicles.


After yesterday, I decided to stay with my wife for a few more hours. I then headed to work this morning. It was an exercise in strangeness. I was up at an impossible hour, 5AM.

A Buddha face hidden amongst the roots of a tree.

I took the bus and got off at the bus station instead of the train station and had to take the bus back to Hsinchu. Normally that isn’t a problem, but when there is traffic, the bus is slower. It took 1h30 to get to the Science Park in Hsinchu.

Cost? 80NTD.

The main Buddha statue.

I then hopped into a cab. Just like in Thailand, the cab rides are so much more expensive than anything else. It cost me 210 NTD to get back home. I barely had enough time to get my jacket and scooter and get to work.

I was a bit late, but in the end, will it matter?

A tower in the distance.


Not in the least.

Today, my day ends at 10PM after I teach at the language school.

The main Buddha’s face.

It is a long day, but at least it is not like last Saturday.

To be honest, I have had a lot worse days than last Saturday, but still. It sucked.

Yesterday we were stuck with this crazy cab driver.

Same Buddha, different angle.

I am not really going to get into the details, but I had explained in detail our situation. The guy was swearing, talking really loudly into his hands free set, etc. In the end, we had to pay him 20% extra, but we didn’t really care. The situation was stressful enough without him just making us feel even more stressed.

The end of days.

Tomorrow, I plan on having a bike trip after work. I am not yet sure if it is going to happen. If it rains, it will get canceled. It has already rained crazily in Taiwan last night.

Yesterday, I spent some time surfing the online auctions on Yahoo Taiwan. I found a few interesting things, mainly motorcycles. I found two that I really like, the Suzuki Grass Tracker and the Honda FTR. The Honda is a bit too expensive, but the Grass Tracker looks cool and has a 250cc engine, just about the size that I would like.

A close-up of bricks.

The Grass Tracker is a bit more meatier in its design than the Sym Legend. It looks like the riding position is better as well. I have tried both, and I think that even though I like the look of the Legend better, the KTR would be a more suitable choice for 150cc. The Legend has a more hunched position, the KTR and Grass Tracker are more laid back. For long rides, sitting upright is better than sitting hunched over.

A ruined spire.

I still haven’t received news from Zooomr (about resetting my account limit, since it hasn’t been reset for the month of March yet), but my guess is that they are swamped. Mark III is coming out and they must be going nutty. But one situation that I mentioned (no longer being able to rotate my images) was fixed, so in the next couple of days, I will post my last few series, including 2 of 6 from the Thailand Chronicles.

A standing column.







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