A Tangled Poisonous Vine On The Storytree

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I have known this woman, called Laura since I have come to Taiwan last September.

At first I thought she was nice. When I met her, she looked nice and freshly tanned from her time in Thailand. She looked pretty. As time wore on, this young girl became an ugly old maid, with old maid underwear, with old maid short haircuts and a face covered in zits.

She told me the rules. Then she brakes them every week.

She tells me that she is from America, but like some Taiwanese, she just wishes that she was from America; her mother is Taiwanese and her father is Thai. For some reason, she managed to be a foreign teacher, but with her passport, she normally would only be hired as a Chinese teacher, no matter how good her English is.

And her English.

She makes these basic mistakes in grammar, which really annoy me, like forgetting her ‘s’ when she says she tries or loosing an article here and there. She says that she teaches in English, but I have walked by her classes and seen that most of the time, she teaches in Mandarin.

She is the worst administrator I have ever seen, she constantly nags you and never relents, interprets the rules in her favor, but when the rules go against her, she twists them and says words such as compromise, discussion and negotiation.

I hate her, though I pity her more than anything else. I got this ridiculous headache from her this week, which is finally gone today.

She took a sick day to go to an interview in Taichung to try and work in the American school. But since she doesn’t hold a foreign passport, she can only be hired as a Chinese teacher.

She told me that she taught as a Chinese teacher last year and hated it. She encouraged me to go to job fairs and apply to other jobs, and then lets me know that I have to give her 3 months notice before leaving and that I will loose a month’s pay. She is the worst person I have met in Taiwan.

She puts the wording of the contract in my face, but when it doesn’t go her way or the contract is in my favor, she says that I interpret the contract wrong.

She spends her free time at her office and looks menacingly towards the other teachers and when they are not doing “work”, she finds something to nag them about. She likes to bury us in paperwork and attacks us at every opportunity and by the way, she used the word “attack” to describe what she does.

She teaches at the school, but honestly, I don’t think she does a lot of work. She teaches 10 hours per week and the rest of the time, sits on her ass and tries to manage the problems of the foreigners.

I am glad that I will never see her again, because she is poison and poisons my thoughts and mind.

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