After Strange Hitler Notebooks, A Strange Hitler Association

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After finding strange Hitler notebooks in an ESLite store in Taiwan, I got a report from one of my readers about an Association being founded by 20 university students with Hitler as their inspiration.

Now how strange is this? I get the feeling that kids and adults here aren’t educated on the Holocaust and what Hitler exactly did. Or maybe they are and they don’t give a rat’s ass, who knows? This isn’t the first time that I have seen references to Hitler. It’s one thing finding an obscure notebook with Hitler on it. It’s another thing using Hitler in an advert to promote your political party.

The article says that they founded a National Socialism Association.


This story has finally been picked up by the Taipei Times. Also, it has been picked up internationally. For more information, read on!


Back in 2001, the ruling party the DPP used a 10 second television advert featuring Hitler!

Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has said a television advertisement featuring Adolf Hitler and aimed at getting young people to participate in forthcoming elections is not meant to offend Jews.

The head of the New York-based Anti-Defamation League (ADL) – which fights against anti-Semitism world-wide – expressed outrage at the advertisement and called for it to be withdrawn.

This is the article about the new Hitler party in Taiwan. It says that they have a website, which I haven’t been able to find and that they have over 800 members and will try to take over the government. (I have found it: it’s

After that article, you can read the latest version from the Taipei Times and a small article from the jta website.

This story will probably make a few waves internationally, but it is still hard to find except the one article that appeared in the Taipei Times.

From Taiwan News Online:

Twenty university students yesterday founded an association with Adolf Hitler as its inspiration, and set themselves the goal of turning Taiwan into a Nazi country in a bid to show their extreme dissatisfaction with the continuous political squabbling that pervades life in Taiwanese society these days, according to local Chinese-language media reports.The National Socialism Association presently has over 800 members on its books, most of whom are university or high-school students, according to information on the association’s Web site.One co-founder of the association, surnamed Hsu, announced plans to invite all members to hold a meeting next Saturday, explaining that supporters will be clearly told that the NSA aims to seize the reins of government.“We will find a quiet place to discuss the association’s future with our members earnestly,” the 22-year-old Hsu was quoted as saying.Hsu, who graduated from the political department of Soochow University last year, noted that she was so fed up with all the political wrangling between the ruling and opposition parties that she and several other followers of Nazi ideology decided to found the association.It is hoped that they could transform Taiwan into a Nazi country, said Hsu.

The association’s views on current policies and events, Nazi philosophy and an introduction to Hitler can be found on its Web site, which has “Do not come in if you dislike Hitler” emblazoned on the home page.

Throughout the Web site, high-school students who have donated their allowance to the association are referred to as the good children of Hitler.

Such an interest in fascist ramblings and such an obvious adoration of the German dictator, who was responsible for the deaths of six million Jews during World War II has raised concerns in academic circles.

Ger Yeong-kuang, a professor at the Political Science Department of National Taiwan University, reportedly urged authorities to consider the problems, such as social disorders, a depressed economy and political conflicts, that have caused these students to take succor in Nazi beliefs.

From the Taipei Times

A Taiwanese group that trumpets its version of German dictator Adolf Hitler’s ideals has declared its intention to register as a non-governmental organization.

Hsu Na-chi (許娜綺), the 22-year-old cofounder and spokesman of the National Socialist Association (NSA), claimed the organization has 20 paying members above the age of 20.

Many more participate on the association’s forums, many under the cover of anonymity.

Writing in the NSA forum under the handle “Lahn,” another founder-member of the NSA insisted the group is not neo-Nazi or racist.

“What Hitler meant by `superior race’ is superior cultural content and not biological phenotype,” he wrote.

Lahn Chao (趙威) — Lahn’s real name — told the Taipei Times he is a 24-year-old pursuing his master’s degree in political science at National Chengchi University.

“We have too many high-school and junior-high students and not enough adults,” Chao said. “We need more adults in order to qualify for NGO [non-governmental organization] status.”

Chao also engages in “cosplay,” striking poses in German army garb for pictures which he puts on his Web site. When asked why, despite his claims to be moderate, he still identifies with Nazi ideology, Chao said: “I like the feeling of unity of the period.”

Elsewhere on the forum, however, Hsu, writing under the handle “Joshua,” promulgated the treatment of immigrant workers and their offspring in terms that seemed disturbingly reminiscent of the Nazis’ final solution.

“If foreign laborers have children in Taiwan, the government must exterminate them. In order to stop our genetic stock from further deterioration, strict monitoring and cruel punishments are called for,” Joshua wrote.

“What the Republic of China practiced after they came to China is in essence National Socialism,” Joshua wrote elsewhere. “Until [former president] LeeTeng-hui [李登輝] took over, Taiwan was wealthy, strong and united.”

Hsu and Chao’s group is not the only Nazi sympathizers’ organization in Taiwan.

Eli Alberts was on his daily commute on the Tamshui MRT line when a smear of red and black caused him to do a double-take.

What Alberts saw was a red swastika flag hanging from a window in an apartment building near the MRT line.

“It is a very … potent symbol. I couldn’t help but notice,” Alberts said. “What is it doing in Taipei?”

Alberts’ friends in both the Taiwanese and expatriate community tried to reassure him by saying that the flag was probably a tasteless display of “Nazi kitsch,” or that perhaps what he saw was actually a Buddhist swastika, an ancient symbol that had been in use long before the rise of Nazism.

“I know what a Buddhist swastika is,” Alberts said. “I didn’t think that was what I saw.”

With Alberts’ help, the Taipei Times located the apartment in which the Nazi flag was displayed. It was located in a gated community in Tienmu. A man in his late thirties answered the door and agreed to speak to us, on condition of anonymity.

“Hitler did a lot of bad things which I don’t condone, but he also turned Germany from a weak and divided nation into a world power,” he said. “I admire that because unity and strength is what Taiwan needs. Democracy and capitalism have their good qualities, but they have left our collective spirit chaotic, flagging and mired in defeatism.”

These comments mirrored the rhetoric found on the NSA blog.

“We have seen relentless societal and political chaos since democracy was instituted in this country … wake up, youths of Taiwan!” an open letter said.

However, the man claimed he had never heard of the NSA and had a view of the Chinese Nationalist Party’s (KMT) legacy that was diametrically opposed to Hsu’s.

“Taiwan used to be a part of the axis as a part of Japan,” he said. “Who did more for Taiwan than Goto Shinpei as the governor-general?”

“When the KMT came, they were the brutal occupiers, they oppressed the Taiwanese,” the man said.

Asked if he believed he would have fit in society if Taiwan were still under Japanese occupation, the man replied: “I am in contact with hard-right [sic] elements in Japan … they all love Taiwanese people. If the KMT did not take over Taiwan, I believe that in time we would have been accepted as Japanese.”

And this from the website (I haven’t been able to find the original source, but this was forwarded to me):

A small group of Taiwanese university students founded an association using Adolf Hitler as its inspiration. The National Socialism Association plans to hold a nationwide convention on March 17 to promote its agenda, which includes revitalizing Taiwan as a nation, retaking mainland China and setting up a new national capital in

The group claims to have more than 500 members nationwide and a core leadership of 20 undergraduate and graduate students. Its Web site,, has “Do not come in if you dislike Hitler” emblazoned in Chinese on the main page, according to a recent report in an English-language newspaper.

A professor of political science at National Taiwan University, Ger Yeong-kuang, said he believes the NSA, small and inconsequential as it is, reflects the country’s social malaise due to lingering national economic and political problems.

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12 thoughts on “After Strange Hitler Notebooks, A Strange Hitler Association”

  1. Danny Bee

    Apparently, Rabbi Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles has now heard about this strange news report, and he wants to gather some research info, such as the URL of the NSA site in Taiwan. Does anybody know it?

    I guess this NTU professor knows: Ger Yeong-kuang, a professor at the Political Science Department of National Taiwan University, reportedly urged authorities to consider the problems, such as social disorders, a depressed economy and political conflicts, that have caused these students to take succor in Nazi beliefs. ANybody know how to reach him?

    Mar 11, 10:50 PM

  2. Hello, nice to meet you.

    Rabbi Cooper from the Simon Wiesenthal Center in LA wants more info?

    I would love to try and help you out on my end. I know the NTNU website,, I believe. The trouble is you would have to find the professor’s name in Mandarin. I have searched for about an hour to try and find the URL of the association, with no success. My guess is that it will be a lot easier to find in Mandarin.

    I will look into this and get back to you via email once I have any results.

  3. P.P.S. Rabbi Cooper can contact me at if he needs any help. I am not a native speaker of Mandarin, but have taken part in Chinese forums for years. If he wishes, I can probably get the Mainland Chinese forum closed down. The Taiwanese forum will be more difficult – Taiwan (like the United States) is a pluralistic democracy.

  4. As a goy (גוי), perhaps I should leave this problem to the Jews. The Simon Wiesenthal Center can contact to get the Mainland Chinese Nazi site taken off the web.

    What they should also be aware of is that there is a Chinese guy in Sinophone forums who calls himself “Expert on Jews” (犹太专家). This guy makes poor translations into Chinese of Henry Ford’s anti-semitic writings (The Dearborn Independent) and publishes them in Chinese forums and blogs.

    As for the Taiwanese Nazi forum : this is the avatar that I have uploaded :

    One wonders how long it will take before I am kicked out of their forum…

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