24S06E10 (Fox)


A Buddha in Wat Phra Si Sanphet in Ayutthaya, Thailand. Part of the Ayutthaya Series in the Thailand Chronicles.

As Marylin and Milo hide behind a few dumpsters, Philip’s men tell him that they have killed Jack. As they make their attack on the two people, Jack appears and disposes of them pretty quickly.

Jack learns that his father is behind this attack and that his father killed Graem. They use the captured hostile to tip Philip’s hand; he reveals his location to his man and Jack is going there with a team.

Meanwhile another team is heading for Gredenko’s location. Philip is looking like a homicidal maniac, threatening his own grandson with a gun. What kind of a man throws away his blood so quickly?

Lennox gets involved in a plan to remove the President. The President has Tom review Assad’s speech. This will give Lennox the perfect alibi as he will be there.

Morris falls off the wagon; he is an alcoholic and the events of today were just too much for him.

As Lennox tries to reveal the source of the conspiracy to the Secret agent in charge, his assistant Reed assaults him and knocks him down.

As Jack and Marilyn arrive at the hotel where Philip is staying, they find an empty room. The phone rings and Philip tells them to look over at the adjacent roof; he is there with Josh, ready to shoot him.

Bauer offers himself in exchange for Josh and Philip agrees. As they swap, Jack learns that Philip was being blackmailed by Gredenko to divert some of the suitcase nukes. As Jack gets on his knees to be executed by his father, his father disappears. He finds a cell phone and a number to contact Charles Logan.

Logan has information on Gredenko.

* * * * *

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