Jericho S01E12


The grounds near Wat Mongkhon Bophit in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

I have been watching Jericho since it premiered. I like parts of the show and dislike other parts. I want to know more about why the nuclear bombs were detonated and what sort of conspiracy led to their detonation. There are a lot of layers to this show, but those are the ones that interest me.

As the season is progressing, we get more and more information on the nuclear attacks that crippled the USA.

The first show after the break explains part of the motivations of the different characters.

Jake was trying to get a new job as a pilot, but during a background check, his new employer found that he had been flagged because of an incident in Afghanistan; he was involved in a shooting and his friend Freddie saved him. Since then, he has vowed never to return there.

Freddie has proposed to his girlfriend and is asking Jake to participate in one last run that will net him 100000USD. Jake refuses, but when Freddie gets beaten up, he has no choice but to help him out. Right before leaving, he gets approached by the FBI who want him to spy for them on Ravenwood, the company for whom Freddie and him will be making a cargo run for. Jake learns that Ravenwood is actually selling weapons to the insurgency in Iraq and decides to skip town. Both of them try, but Freddie gets shot and dies.

We learn that the mysterious man was actually involved with a cell of terrorists to strike at different cities in the US with nuclear devices. All of the terrorists were caucasian and part of some greater plot to bring down the government. He was involved with a woman, but decides to leave everything. He makes a detour to pick up his family, who were located in one of the strike cities. He was supposedly working for a government agency, but he was part of the plot. He was supposed to deliver his bomb, but he didn’t because he got his family out. He actually had to kidnap them in order to save them. It is unsure if he either worked for the FBI and infiltrated a sleeper cell or if he really is a terrorist himself.

Emily and Roger were almost broken up because he was taking a job in Chicago. Emily said that she would never leave Jericho and Roger went and left for the interview. But on the plane, he leaves her a message telling her that he will not take the job and come back to be with her.

Johnston was considering leaving the mayoral race and letting his son take his place. He had started making plans to travel with his wife, but this all got interrupted when Jake called them a few weeks ago.

The same woman that the man was involved with shows up at Jericho with the last batch of survivors.






One response to “Jericho S01E12”

  1. Grace Avatar

    JERICHO is a really good show. I watch it all the time.
    I am in the U.S.A. The show gets better and better each week. I especially like GERALD MCRANEY as JOHNSTON GREEN.
    I hope that CBS does not cancel this most suspenseful and entertaining show.

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