Jericho S01E13


Another quick Jericho recap.

Robert Hawkins meets up with a new addition to Jericho, the woman that he had left behind. They talk about how they were part of the conspiracy and how they had delivered the bombs. She tells him that she is still in contact with the old man and the man tells her to contact him and see what he says.

They talk about Jericho being a rally point. He tells her that another of their plot showed up but died of radiation burns a few hours later.

Jake and a few others go to a trading outpost called Black Jack Fairgrounds. They learn a lot of new information and that the USA now has 6 distinct federal states and 6 presidents. Actually they have 6 different people vying for the presidency, but six different capitals.

They also learn a lot of new information, thanks to the Fairgrounds, about the rest of the world and the USA. They learn that aid has been pouring in from Germany and all over the world. China has pledged even more aid. The main reason for them going to the Fairgrounds was to trade and get a part to make their wind turbines operational.

Dale, Johnston, Jake and Heather Lisinski all go together. They discover what has value at the Fairgrounds by consulting a giant board. They learn that silver is worthless because it absorbs radiation.

They meet a few friends who help them broker a deal for the parts that they need. However, the person they were going to do business with was a slaver, so they decide not to do business.

Dale tries to steal the piece of machinery and gets caught. At the Fairgrounds, thieves are hung. A mob tries to get at Dale, but they fight it out and get into their car. They make it out thanks to their new friends.

They barter salt for the parts that will be made in a short while thanks to their new friends. Salt is a very valuable commodity and Dale figures out that his Skylar is rich because her family owned the salt mine.

Heather stays with her friends so that she can supervise the creation of the parts that they need.

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