24S06E11 (Fox)

Jack is getting ready to meet with Charles Logan. Meanwhile, Reed had to detain Tom Lennox so that the assassin could come in; at the last moment, Lennox wanted to inform the Secret Service about the conspiracy, but Reed stopped him just in time.

Both of them discussed getting rid of Lennox, but Reed convinced the assassin to let Lennox live. They will detonate a small bomb during Assad’s speech so that both Assad and the President will be killed. The terrorists will be blamed.

Gredenko is itching to detonate more nuclear bombs and is satisfied that the Arabs will be taking the heat.

Bauer informs Buchanan that his father has been involved and that he needs to be detained, if he is found. He is surprised to inform that Logan is on house arrest in Hidden Valley.

Logan tells him that the Russian consul Markov can contact Gredenko, but only if Logan himself is able to approach him. Bauer tells him that he just wants something in exchange, a pardon. Logan replies that he only wants to help out and seeks redemption.

Bauer contacts the President and he agrees to grant Logan a furlough from his house arrest. Meanwhile, Gredenko receives his long awaited package; a nuclear payload delivering device.

Morris is back on the bottle after creating a device to arm the suitcase nukes. He lied to Chloe.

Carson is arming the device and it is up to Reed to plant it and to set it off. He does so, but in the last second, something goes wrong and Assad spots the chemicals dripping to the floor. The bomb was a chemical bomb, becoming explosive when 2 fluids mixed.

Assad lunges and tries to save the President.

Chaos is breaking out and Reed is sure that he was successful.

In the last scene, the secret service agents are yelling:

Sentinel is down!

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