24S06E12 (Fox)

The President is injured, but not dead. The cabinet decides to proceed with the transfer of powers to the Vice-President, until the President can return to his duties.

Tom Lennox is convinced by Reed that he should stay silent and go with the flow. Vice-President Daniels will implement Lennox’s measures when he arrives.

Lennox is freed. The timing is precocious and vital, since SecDef has requested that Lennox be found. I have figured out that Lennox is the Chief of Staff. It has never been mentioned before, and I knew that he wasn’t the NSA, because Karen Hayes had that job. When the secret service find the three men, Lennox tells him that they were responsible for the attack on President Palmer and that they needed to be arrested.

Logan speaks with Markov and figures him out; he knows that he is still in contact with Gredenko, but will not admit to it. Markov informs Gredenko that the US is looking for him and that they have tied him to the nukes.

The Vice President is clearly part of the conspiracy as he convinces Lennox to go forward with his agenda. Or he is involved in a peripheral way of some sorts. Bauer is getting into the consulate. He gets the help of Chloe and storms the consul. He holds him hostage and begins another round of interrogation and torture to find his target, Gredenko.

For some reason, I knew that the cigar cutters would be used in an interrogation as soon as I saw them. Markov gives up Gredenko and tells Bauer that he will be launching drones from the Shadow Valley in the Mojave Desert. The drones will be delivery systems for the suitcase nukes.

But before Jack can call CTU, the room is stormed by the Russian security detail. CTU is aware that Jack is a prisoner. Jack appeals to the security officer’s sense of justice because Markov is betraying his country by working with Gredenko. But before he can deliver his message, he is killed by another security officer.

Karen Hayes has rescinded her resignation and is on her way back to LA.

Why is everything in LA?

Why not Washington?

And why would foreign consulates maintain facilities in LA?

Maybe it has to do with the size of the city.

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