Zooomr Is Down

I have over 3000 photos waiting to be uploaded.

I have 75% of my trip to Thailand (~1400) and 100% from my trip to Hong Kong (~800). On top of that, I have 3 new series from Taiwan that I have not been able to upload: Down Fuxing N. Rd, Hsin Chuang City and the Lantern Festival (~555 for all three series). In my last few posts, instead of using my own photos, I have had to use other people’s pictures. This is a bit frustrating.

Also, not being to upload any photos is frustrating as well.

I have another 8 paperblogs ready to go, but I can’t upload them.

Zooomr Mark III was supposed to launch last Wednesday, but it didn’t. My wife is upset. I am a bit more laid back about the whole situation.

I have read up on their blog and it looks like Kristopher is hard at work. From what I see, it looks like it’s still a small operation, so I can understand why it’s taking so long.

Thomas Hawk, CEO of Zooomr, has explained the situation partly.

One thing that I discovered on Thomas Hawk’s blog is how flickr/Yahoo is removing certain images from public searches, NIPSA’ing them. (NIPSA is short for Not In Public Search)

I knew that flickr has some editorial control over its users, but I didn’t think that it went as far as censorship.

What’s next? Deleting the pictures? I’m sure that they could, it would probably be legal, depending on their licensing agreement.

Then again, Thomas Hawk used to work for flickr and now is the CEO of a competing company, Zooomr.

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