Jericho S01E14 (CBS)

Food is growing scarce and the town needs food. As Jake is out hunting, they find a trail left by thousands of people who are on a mass exodus to the south.

Hawkins and Sarah get ready to meet the old man. He is supposedly only two hours away. They find someone dead in his house. They suspect that someone else has been relaying them orders, impersonating the old man.

The hunting party meets an evil pick-up filled with evil people, who run them off the road. The assailants come back to plunder. Stanley is unconscious and Jake is stuck underneath the over turned truck, reaching for his gun.

Hawkins discovered a hard drive with information about their team; half of them have been terminated.

Jake pretends to be dead and the bandits take all of their supplies, except the bottles of water and flashlight that he threw in the bushes. Jake can not get out from underneath the truck and Stanley’s ankle is broken. Mimi will have to hike back to find the patrol from Jericho, somewhere 10 miles away.

Hawkins figures out that this whole thing is a set-up.

Mimi hides from a truck when her flashlight fails, but it’s only Johnston. They pick up Stanley.

Jake confesses to his father that in Iraq, he killed a small girl.

Sarah meets up with the killer towards the end of the show. They talk about how they killed all of the other team members. She kills him quite easily.

* * * * *

This episode was a bit of a filler. Not a lot of developments. Emily and Roger are slowly getting back together, there is something brewing between Mimi and Stanley, but this episode didn’t really reveal a lot.

The show needs to impart more knowledge about the current state of the world; what’s happening and where?

They should probably be sending regular patrols to the Fairgrounds in order to get more info on what’s going on.

Still, there is something strangely addictive about a show set in a sort of Mad Max world. Give it a few years and the society will break down, unless they get massive aid from abroad.

* * * * *

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