Primeval S01E01-06 (ITV)

I started watching this strange show from the UK called Primeval. At first, I didn’t know what to expect, but since my quota of science-fiction shows is close to nil, I was willing to give pretty much anything a try.

After the US networks dropped Surface and Threshold, and then there comes Primeval.

The series chronicles the exploits of a rag-tag team of scientists and adventures who have to deal with the incursion of creatures. These creatures all come from the Earth’s past, millions of years ago.

You guessed it!

They are dinosaurs, for the most part. Interestingly enough, they have concentrated on more obscure dinosaurs that are not so well known. For example, I have not seen a T-Rex or a Velociraptor anywhere near this series, but strange dinosaurs that hunt and kill, in the water and in the air.

There is a bigger story behind this. The creatures appear through strange anomalies, whose occurrence has not yet been explained. The creatures come through these anomalies and then sometimes will go back through them. There appears to be some kind of a temporal fault line that follows the flow of water in the UK.

This means that the anomalies always appear near big bodies of water.

To topple this, Dr. Nick Cutter’s wife disappeared years ago. He find her trace again when he makes his way through one of these anomalies. A few episodes into the series, he finds her. She has been living and exploring the strange lands for over 8 years. She has been going in and out of the anomalies at her pace, but has never contacted the good doctor again.

And now, she offered him to explore the anomalies with her. But he refuses, not really knowing why she needs him right now.

After this, she makes sporadic appearances in the series. She even gets captured in one episode, but they were not able to hold her for very long. In the 6th episode, a different sort of creature appears.

Helen Cutter surmises that this creature must have gotten to Earth’s past, the Permian Era, Late Cretaceous period or one of the other Earth’s prehistoric eras (300 to 70 million years ago), through another form of anomalies from the future and then hopped to Earth’s present. (There is also an appearance of the Dodo bird, from our current era.)

My guess is that they don’t really go to Earth’s past, but just to another quantum reality.

The team includes the lead, Dr. Cutter an expert on dinosaurs, his student and helper Stephen Hart, who is the more physically fit of the team. He is an expert at tracking animals. One of Dr. Cutter’s students joins them, Connor Temple, with strange theories about dinosaurs and a zookeeper named Abby, a petite woman with short bleached hair and a hot body.

Claudia Brown, from the Home Office, directs the team and tries to contain the incursions, under the supervision of her boss, James Lester who talks about the big picture a lot.

There is some chemistry between Claudia and Nick, but the reappearance of his ex-wife Helen Cutter complicates the matter.

At the end of the 6th episode, things go wrong; Claudia Brown disappears from reality, Helen goes back into the Permian Era and some creatures from the future survived in the past.

* * * * *

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