Battlestar Galactica S03E14-19 (Scifi)

Callie and the Chief are in danger on the Admiral’s marriage anniversary. He recollects his feelings and his thoughts about his children and his wife.

They try an impossible rescue scenario to save them.

The Admiral’s thoughts are trying to push him closer to his son, Lee, but the process is difficult for a man who has been hiding behind the façade of a commander for most of his life.

The President wants Lee to help with the trial of Baltar. Adama learns that Lee would have liked being a lawyer, like his grandfather.

The Admiral’s wife had a lot of mood swings that were difficult for Lee and his brother.

Callie and the Chief survive and life goes on Battlestar Galactica.

Selix has been rejected from flight school because of her important position on the flight deck with the Chief. She isn’t taking it well.

Impure fuel creates an accident with a raptor and Colonial One. The man in charge of the refinery implies that his concerns are never addressed when the fuel is fine, but when there is a problem with the fuel, he gets face time with the President and the Admiral.

Gaius Baltar’s has a written a book called My triumphs and My Mistakes. It is spreading dissent among the fleet.

The fuel supply is dwindling down and it looks like they barely will be able to leave the system.

The reason?

Working at the refinery is like slave labor. 18 hour days, no days off. The workers have taken away some seals, vital to make the machinery work and they won’t be returning them until the conditions improve.

Callie mentions how all of the pilots and officers are from the rich planets, and how all of the laborers are from the poor planets.

The Chief tries to tell this to the President and the Admiral, however they do not seem to grasp his point of view. The situation will just spiral out of control. They emit an arrest warrant for the second in command of the refinery ship. The man in command has already been arrested for quoting Baltar’s book to the President.

The Chief finds children working in the refinery.

After talking with Baltar and the President once more to voice his concerns, they come up with a form of lottery to get people from all over the fleet working in the refinery.

The refinery is back on track, but after another accident, it’s too much bullshit for the Chief. He puts the plant on strike. He actually calls a general strike.

But after being put in the brig, the Admiral threatens to execute Callie, the Chief relents and calls it off.

Right after, he gets a sit-down with the President and they negotiate better terms for all of the workers.

Selix gets drafted into the flight school.

Cara dreams about the drawings that she has been making since a child. After hearing about an oracle, Cara consults one.

Cara is remembering her mother and her childhood. She was abused as a child by an overbearing mother.

On a refueling mission, Cara hallucinates a raider and goes after him. She sees patterns in the clouds that look like her drawings. She almost looses but manages to come back. She examines the film, and sees that there was nothing there.

She hallucinates the cylon that held her captive on New Caprica. He tells her about her destiny.

She sees her mother again. Her mother had been enrolled in the service all her life and never became an officer. Cara did. Her mother shows her that she will die soon of cancer.

Cara wakes up and her raptor is falling rapidly. Lee tries to save her, but her raptor explodes as she was too far into the atmosphere of the gas planet. She went past the point of no return.

Cara is dead. The number of survivors among the fleet has dropped by one, 41399.

Lee is drafted to protect the new attorney, because the old one just got killed. The new attorney was trained by Joseph Adama, Lee’s grandfather. As they make their way to Colonial One, with the lawyer, they discover another bomb that was about to go off. Thanks to the lawyer’s cat, the ship is saved.

The lawyer asks to see Caprica Six.

The lawyer survives another assassination attempt.

The trial is about to start. Adama has the clairvoyance of doubling the time that the tail raptors stay behind to watch if Cylons are following them.

They are. The scout ship has time to see 5 baseships hot on the tail of Galactica. Adama orders a search of the fleet for tracking devices.

Roslyn tells Adama to ask the Caprica Six about the tracking device. She tells Kernel Ty that the Cylons are probably tracking the radiation signature of the fuel ship.

The Baltar-in-Six makes a reappearance and counsels Six how to deal with Ty. Lee and Adama have another falling out, as the Admiral calls Lee a liar and a coward.

The reason?

Because the lawyer found out that Ty killed his wife and Adama believes that Lee told the lawyer. Lee resigns his commissions

I will not serve under a man who questions my integrity
And I will not have a man under my command who does not have any.

Lee takes part in the trial and questions Roslyn. We learn that the President is taking Kamala again because her cancer has returned. Kamala is drug that helps cancer patients and gives visions.

Dee leaves Lee again.

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4 responses to “Battlestar Galactica S03E14-19 (Scifi)”

  1. paddydaddy Avatar

    Hey man,
    I ussually get my fix of BSG (and 24) from emule, which accesses a few different p2p networks. For the past week, I cant find anything past episode 17 for BSG and episode 11 for 24. Any suggestions? I am jonesing…

  2. range Avatar

    Try using mutorrent or azureus. Do a search for those programs.

    Then got to and download the torrent file of the BSG shows that you want to watch.

    I know what you mean, I watch them in batches, because they are just so addictive.

  3. paddydaddy Avatar

    I use opera whicg has a built in torrent client. I havent checked mininova in a couple of weeks; I’m on my way!

  4. range Avatar

    If it’s not on mininova, try

    They have it there, I just checked.

    You are welcome mate!

    BSG rules.

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