Lost S03E10 (ABC)

The sign for the Thonglor Town Center, on Soi 55 Sukhumvit, in Bangkok Thailand. Part of the Thailand Chronicles.

Hurley sees his dad leave his mom and him for Vegas, when he was a child.

In the present, Hurley meets Charlie and Charlie tells him about his death curse that Desmond told him about. Hurley tells him that he believes him and he thinks that it is his fault. He is cursed by the numbers.

Vincent, the dog, appears with a skeletal hand in his mouth. Hurley runs after him and he finds something strange in the jungle. He finds a car. He goes back to the camp to tell the losties about this discovery, but no one cares.

In another flashback, we see Hugo buy the restaurant where he worked at. He is being interviewed by a local TV station. When the reporter steps into the chicken restaurant, a meteorite from space hits it and destroys it.

Meanwhile, Sawyer and Kate make their way back to camp.

Sawyer discovers that all of his stuff is gone. He meets up with Jin and Hugo to work on the car.

Kate leaves to find help to get Jack back, probably from Rousseau.

In another flashback, when Hugo comes back from the restaurant explosion, he learns that his dad is back, after 17 years. Hugo isn’t happy about this.

He gets Charlie, Sawyer and Jin together and they push the car forward. This part of the show is filled with great witty dialogue, between Sawyer and his pals.

I’ve heard, Skeletor, Jumbotron and other great words used in there. Skeletor was He-Man’s great adversary in The Masters of The Universe cartoon series.

They manage to start the car and have some fun.

Kate was followed by Locke and Sayid and they manage to find Rousseau. Kate tells her that her daughter, named Alex, is alive and well. Alex helped her escape.

If Kate is to find the Others’ camp, she needs Rousseau’s help to locate it.

* * * * *

This episode is mostly a filler. We learn just a few interesting facts. The only good thing that we learn is that the Losties will head out to find Jack. The dialogue really rocks.

* * * * *

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