Lost S03E11 (ABC)

Beautiful palm trees, in between Ao Chalong and Hat Rawai, in Phuket, Thailand. Part of the Thailand Chronicles.

The sub-team formed by Kate, Sayid, Locke and Rousseau are still on the move to try and locate the Others’ camp.

At the Losties’ camp, Hugo found a ping-pong table. Sawyer is going to try and get “his” stuff back by winning a ping-pong game.

While looking for food, Sayid hears the telltale sound of a cowbell. To his surprise, he actually finds a cow. This leads him to a camp where he finds the one-eyed man; Sayid had seen him before at The Pearl monitoring station.

In this episode’s flashback, we see Sayid as a cook in France. He meets a fellow Iraqi who hires him as a cook in a better restaurant.

Sayid makes his way unarmed up to the one-eyed man’s house and he gets shot in the shoulder. Sayid tries to tell the man that he isn’t an Other, but when he comes out, Kate and Locke storm the house.

Very effectively, I might add. They shoot at the man, but not to hurt him, just to frighten him into surrendering. Kate shoots from afar and Locke runs up to him and disarms him.

They learn that he is the last surviving member of the Dharma Initiative. He says that he is Russian and that he has been on the island for 11 years. He was stationed at the station called The Flame to communicate with the outside world.

The man calls the Others the hostiles and they were on the island a long time before the Dharma Initiative ever was.

In the next flashback, Sayid goes to meet his new employer at his restaurant. He meets his wife and then gets beaten up.

Are you sure this is him?
Yes, it’s him.

Sayid probably interrogated and/or tortured this woman.

Back into the present, Sayid tells Kate:

The reason why they let him stay here is not because he is Dharma, it’s because he is one of them.

We are sitting here Kate because I am certain that he is not alone.

Mikhail knows that something is up and plays his card, but to no avail, Sayid takes him down and Kate shoulders her rifle into his face.

Back into the past, Sayid is bound and bloody. The woman is convinced that Sayid tortured her, but he says he never touched a woman.

Sayid uncovers a hatch and they make their way down. They leave Locke upstairs with Mikhail. After continuing to play the chess game, Locke uncovers a secret menu, left by the Dharma Initiative. He navigates through a few things, but when he wants to push the buttons to say that the Hostiles have taken over the station, a long blade appears pointed at this throat.

Mikhail is right behind him.

The black woman, that they all know, is downstairs.They bring her up and there is a showdown between the two factions. The woman starts talking to Mihkail in Russian.

Mikhail shoots her and tries to kill himself, but Sayid is faster and knocks him out.

In the flashback, Sayid acknowledges that he tortured the woman and that she has been haunting him since he left Iraq. She tells him a story about a cat and that she will say that it was a mistake. Her husband will let him go.

Locke plays the game once more and sets the explosives. He blows the house to hell. Sayid managed to find a map leading towards the Barracks from the Flame. That is where the Others are.

* * * * *

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