Lost S03E12 (ABC)

A palm in the night, at a trendy restaurant in Ao Chalong, Phuket, Thailand. Part of the Thailand Chronicles.

The team is still on their way to find the Others’ camp. Desmond appears while Charlie had a nice romantic breakfast planned for Claire and him. He tells Charlie that the best thing that he could do today is to go boar hunting with Desmond.

By the way Desmond is talking, it seems that he is again trying to save Charlie from some kind of harm. Whilst they are talking, Claire sees a pack of seagulls circling the island and gets an idea on how to get off the island.

Claire’s idea is to trap one of those birds and send a message with on them. They are tagged and will go south. She had noticed a glint on one of the birds’ feet. Someone is bound to find their message.

Charlie is troubled by what Desmond has said and dismisses the whole idea.

In this episode’s flashback, Claire was driving a car with her mom when they had a terrible accident. We know she died, but her medical expenses were taken care of by a mysterious benefactor. Claire’s aunt is blaming her for what happened.

The team manages to find a strange enclosure, made out of concrete poles with strange emitting devices on top. Mikhail tells them that he can’t tell them anything, because they are all flawed.

Sayid guesses that these pylons are some form of security measure. Mikhail says that this is right, but like everything else, it has broken down. The pylons encircle the barracks, so there is no way around them.

Locke pushes Mikhail into the perimeter and he is immediately killed by the pylons. Before dying, he thanks them. Locke is acting weird and the others discover that he has taken a kg of C4 from the Flame station before it exploded.

In the flashbacks, Claire’s mother new doctor is Jack’s father. He is the one taking care of all the bills. He is Claire’s father.

The team constructs a crude cantilever bridge to scale the pylons. Kate is the first one over and it works like a charm.

Jack’s father wants to turn off the machines that keep Claire’s mother alive.

Desmond tries to save Charlie again, that is why he made the birds flee. He manages to find a bird that was tagged and brings it back to Claire. He explains the situation.

The team manages to find the Others’ camp. And they see Jack playing football with Danny. To them, it looks like he has become an Other.

* * * * *

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4 responses to “Lost S03E12 (ABC)”

  1. chase Avatar

    Ugh I hate Lost since indeed the show lives up to its name. I mean you can never tell which way the show goes

  2. Yves Avatar

    I agree with you Chase, this show is going nowhere. Too much flashbacks but nothing happens on the Island. But for some unknown reasons I still watch it. :/ I guess I just want the show to be better. Last time I hoped a show would get better I watched 4 crappy seasons of Enterprise. I will never learn lol. Claire is really starting to get on my nerve. They should get rid of her.

  3. range Avatar

    Yes I agree with you guys, since episode 9, there have been too many filler episodes with not enough information. This reminds me of the first part of the second season, a bit on the boring side.

    I have a feeling that it might pick up.

    Just like Prison Break, there is only so long that they can stay at the same place.

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