Lost S03E13 (ABC)

Photos from a sunset in Phuket, Thailand. Part of the Thailand Chronicles.

The team formed of Locke, Rousseau, Kate and Sayid observe Jack being all nice and civilized with Ben.

In a flashback, we see John Locke’s demand for continued disability leave temporarily suspended. Locke is approached by a young man who is investigating the future husband of his mother, the man who pretended to be John’s father in order to get his kidney. Actually, we had learned in previous episodes that this man was actually John’s father.

The young man says that anyone who gets a donated kidney can’t be all bad. John tells him that the donation was voluntary.

The team comes up with a plan. Locke guards the rear, Sayid is covering the front. Meanwhile, Kate will go in to meet Jack, after nightfall.

Kate sneaks in and discovers Jack playing a song on a piano. He screams at her to leave because they are watching him. Guards come rushing in to detain Kate. A few other people come in with Sayid.

I’m not looking for Jack, I’m looking for the submarine.

John finds his “dad” once more and tells him that he has to leave this woman or he will tell her what he has done to him.

Jack has a few minutes alone with Kate. He tells her that the Others will let him leave for home, so he made a deal with them.

In flashback land, John gets asked questions about the Talbot kid, whose family fortune is worth more that 200 million. John learns that he has been killed; probably by his father.

Ben knows that Locke was in a wheelchair before coming to the island. We learn that Locke had a broken back. Ben questions him about the how and when and Locke deduces that Ben isn’t recovering as fast as he wants to.

Sayid has a few seconds with Alex as she comes to get John’s pack. He tells her about her mother.

-You have been here 80 days and I have lived my entire life here. How is it that you think you know something about this island that I don’t ?

-Because you are in a wheelchair and I’m not.

We learn that Ben was actually born on this island and that he needs the illusion of the submarine for his people, because most of them were not born on the island and have yet to fully commit to him.

Ben tells John, just as he is about to leave, that Jack and him made a deal. Jack will leave the island in an hour on the submarine. There is no way for the submarine to come back because the sonar buoy has been disabled since the anomaly, as well as all of the communications.

John gets to the submarine thanks to Alex. Rousseau sees her daughter for the first time since they took her away.

The destruction of the submarine actually plays into Ben’s hands. He didn’t want either Juliet or Jack to leave. He tells Jack that he will release his friends just as soon as he leaves the island. That will never happen, because Locke will destroy the submarine.

When John confronts his father about the Talbot kid’s murder, his father denies it and tells him that the wedding is off; that the mother called it off. John asks him if he calls the mother, she will tell him exactly that.

John’s father points to the phone, Locke goes over to it and John’s father runs at him and throws him out of the window. John falls down 8 stories and breaks his back.

The police come and tell him that his father escaped to Mexico.

Back in the present, Ben comes to see an imprisoned Locke. He tells him that the island and he have a sort of communion and that Ben is going to try and help Locke. Ben wants to show him what they have. Ben also reveals to him that he played right into his hands. But Locke doesn’t care.

Ben shows him his father, bound and imprisoned in a cell.

* * * * *

Locke never wants to leave this island, because this island is very special to him. He has a bond with it. He knows a lot about it, more than probably any other Lostie. To say that he knows more than the Others, now that would be foolish. Still, it wouldn’t be hard for them to loose their way, if they have spent so much time on the island that its mysteries have become mundane to them.

* * * * *

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