Heroes S01E16 (NBC)

A mysterious man (Ted Sprigs) in the middle of the Nevada desert gets some email messages.

Hannah Gittelman meets with him. She can access the internet and satellites without using a computer. She was evolved as well without her consent, just as Ted was. She says that she can find them and Ted can nuke them.

Ted is that lone man that we saw before in the season, who has a nuclear based ability. Some of the anomalies are people who are born that way, just like Claire.

Claire’s adoptive mother’s memory is coming and going.

Mr. Bennet and the Haitian meet with Isaac. They give him a gun so that he can take care of Peter, should he return to see Isaac.

Hiro gets rescued by SR Gustaffsen, an investigator from the Nevada Gaming Commission. He wants to find the girl. Hiro is able to convince him to go with him.

Silar and Dr. Suresh meet up with Dale, a mechanic who has super hearing. She almost makes Silar, but he will come back to get her powers later in the night.

Ando discovers that Hope has casino chips in her bag. After this, she pulls out a gun.

Claire’s mom falls unconscious and her dad finds Peter and Claude. Peter stops time for an instant and they are able to escape the Haitian and Mr. Bennet.

When Claude wakes up, he freaks out. He has been on the run for years from these people and Peter brought them back to his doorstep. We get the idea that the abilities are not natural, but actually provoked by some form of serum or genetic manipulation. At least, in some people.

Parkman meets with Ted and Hannah. Ted tells him that he needs his talents so that they can get to the bottom of it. He tells him that they are all being tracked via a radioactive isotope that has been injected into their blood.

Predictably, Mohinder and Silar make their way to find Dale, who is dead. Silar has got a headache from the loud sounds he has to get used to; during the night, he stole Dale’s powers and killed her in the process.

Hiro decides to split his team, after the words of the corrupt gaming commission investigator. Ando is left to go home by himself. Hiro gets on a bus and Stan Lee is driving.

As Claire’s family gets home, they are ambushed by Parkman and Ted. We don’t see Hannah again.

There is a showdown between Isaac and Peter. Peter shows his new abilities and Isaac shoots wildly until he kills Simone.

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