Heroes S01E17 (NBC)

We see how Parkman and Ted were planning to get to Mr. Bennet at the paper factory. However, with the sudden arrival of Bennet and his family back home, they decide to nab him right there.

The story goes back 15 years. Bennet was partnered with Claude Raines. A year later, Hiro’s father orders him to adopt a baby Claire, who survived the nab gone wrong of a firestarter. We see Hiro as a child.

In an effort to stall Ted, Parkman shoots Claire, after having been told by Bennet and Claire herself that she can heal. Ted was about to shoot Claire’s mom.

We see the first time that the Haitian intervened on Bennet’s wife, fourteen years ago. In the present, Bennet and Parkman arrive at the paper factory. We learn that Bennet has been hiding Claire’s abilities from his company.

He confronts the Haitian who replies.

I answer to someone’s instructions that supersede yours.

We see how Claude Raines and Bennet fell apart. Raines was hiding someone who had an ability from the company and Bennet was ordered to kill him.

He shoots him a few times, but his body disappears.

Back in the present, Ted discovers that Claire is still alive and is waiting for Parkman and Bennet when they come back. He discovers that Claire is able to heal herself.

When Bennet’s boss comes in shooting at Ted, he detonates and it’s up to Claire to sedate him, because she can withstand the radiation.

Bennet blames everything on the Haitian and his boss believes him. The boss tells him that they will analyze Ted and vivisect him probably. He asks when they can expect Claire. Bennet tells him that he will bring her over right away. Parkman is sedated and captured. Bennet’s boss thinks he will be very useful.

As Bennet meets the Haitian, we see what his plan was all along. The Haitian will shoot Bennet to make it look like he abducted Claire. He will also erase any important trace of what could lead them to her.

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