Rome S02E05 (HBO)

The square right in front of the Sogo on Fuxing Rd. near Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station (忠孝復興捷運站). Part of the Down Fuxing North Road Series.

As Verenus and Pollo make their way back to Rome with the children, Caesar Octavian has brought his army to Rome. Verenus’ children want to escape their father, but they do not yet have any money.

Octavian will become Consul, thanks to his alliances in the Senate. His sister is coming to see him, but not his mother. The visit is not the best, because old wounds are opened again.

Verenus is having a meeting with his captains in the collegium and his lieutenant is ambitious to move up.

In some ploy, Attia begs her son’s forgiveness and he comes back to her family.

Marc Anthony receives General Lepidus, whose troupes have just defected to his side.

Caesar Octavian meets with Pollo before stepping into the Senate and becoming Consul. His first motion, much to the despair of Cicero, is to condemn Brutus and his accomplices murderers for killing Caesar. Some of his troupes step into Senate to reaffirm his authority.

Verenus’ children still hate him but make him believe that everything is fine. They make an attempt at escaping.

The upper collegia have brokered a peace for the moment, as the new Consul ordered. This will stop the bloodshed for now.

The children’s nanny intercepts them and persuades them to return and to never try to leave again.

The Senate is trying to make Caesar give up his legions. Word has spread that Brutus and Cassius have 20 legions that are on the march for Rome. Marc Anthony has 7 legions.

In an unexpected move, Caesar joins up with Marc Anthony thanks to the tactful intervention of his mother.

Brutus’ army is on the march to Rome.

The one thing that his has me thinking of is the whole logistics that are behind moving an army from place to place, especially a large army; all those mouths to feed.

The brutality of the whole situation is sometimes astounding.

* * * * *

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    Terrific photo Range!

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