Rome S02E06 (HBO)

On my way back home, right next to a trendy little restaurant, I spotted this Hartford Magic 125. It was modified and looked really interesting. Part of the Down Fuxing North Road Series.

Marc Anthony and Caesar come up with a murder list; a list of rich and wealthy supporters of Brutus that must be dealt with. The list is given to Verenus to divide between the different collegia.

Pollo is going himself to murder Cicero. But Cicero has a vast network of spies that extends even to Marc Anthony’s camp. He is aware that Caesar and Marc Anthony have allied and will strike together at Brutus’s army. He is sending a letter to warn Brutus.

The letter never reaches its target. Meanwhile, Octavia’s and Agrippa’s love is fostered. Pollo is unsure of his future during the forthcoming peacetime and the old Jewish hitman of Attia is stirring things up with his brother in their community.

Brutus is made aware that Marc Anthony and Octavian have joined forces. They have a total of 19 legions against Brutus’ 14. Cassius wants to retreat, but Brutus does not want to.

Brutus’ forces are defeated and he is killed with Cassius.

* * * * *

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  1. Sarah Avatar

    Read it was your birthday, happy birthday to you!! You make a wonderful husband to our dear Jo, I hope you enjoy each passing year with a new zeal for life!!

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