Rome S02E09 (HBO)

Scooters on the move near the Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station (忠孝復興捷運站). Part of the Down Fuxing North Road Series.

Verenus dreams of his life before it spiraled out of control with the loss of his family.

A few years have passed and a delegation from Rome comes to see Marc Anthony to get some shipments of grain for Rome. But Marc Anthony wants war on Rome. Yet his demands for Spain are met with utter disbelief.

Pollo is now with Gaia and Rome is in famine.

Since Pollo pulled out Memnio’s tongue during their battle a few years ago, he has been caged like a dog in a small cage in the Aventine Collegium.

Pollo has become quite the statesman. He informs Caesar of the state of the granaries. However, all the granaries except the military ones are verging on empty. Agrippa suggests sending 3 legions to Lepedus in Africa, that would give the city a month’s rations.

Attia is still waiting for the summons from Marc Anthony, even after 5 or 6 years. Octavia has a daughter from Agrippa names Antonia. Meanwhile Marc Anthony has a few children of his own by Cleopatra.

Attia and Octavia are sent to Egypt to try and for Marc Anthony’s hand by either accepting them or refusing them. Each option carries its own implications for Anthony. Cleopatra wants them dead.

After being refused entry and being sent back to their ship, Attia and Octavia are met by Posca and Jocasta.

Posca brings Marc Anthony’s will and Caesar uses it to declare war on him legally through the Senate. Caesar asks Pollo to come with him. Verenus’ children have still not forgiven him, and probably never will.

The night before leaving, Memnio escapes from his cage and assaults Pollo. Pollo is knocked unconscious and is saved by Gaia, who is repeatedly stabbed by Memnio.

On her deathbed, Gaia confesses to killing Ireni years ago, and Pollo strangles her before she dies of her wounds. Pollo throws her body out like garbage.

* * * * *

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