Rome S02E10 (HBO)

CKS Memorial Hall (國立中正紀念堂), during the last day of the Lantern Festival. Part of the Lantern Festival Series.

As their ship makes its escape, Marc Anthony and Verenus are totally defeated by Caesar’s armies.

Marc Anthony tries to broker a deal with Caesar after his defeat, but this will not happen.

Anthony comes up with a plan to try and save himself; he wants a duel between himself and Caesar. The winner gets the spoils.

Caesar hears this and thinks that he is a complete madman. His emissary reports that Anthony is either drugged or drunk, most probably both, at all times. He also reports that Cleopatra is stone cold sober.

What was Egypt, but a mockery of what it once was?

Caesar offers a deal to Cleopatra; deliver Anthony dead or alive to him and he will spare her, her children and her nation. Cleopatra and Anthony make a suicide pact.

Marc Anthony receives word that his queen has committed suicide. He joins her soon after, with a Roman sword through the belly, put against Verenus’ chest.

Later, we see that the queen accepted Caesar’s offer and did not kill herself. She did so only to protect her children. But in actuality, Caesarian is already dead, if he isn’t spirited away.

After meeting with Caesar, she can no longer bear it, because she knows that she will be paraded in Rome. She takes an asp to her breast and kills herself after all, after Verenus has taken Caesarian, the boy she claims is the son of Caesar but who actually is the son of Pollo. This was exactly what Caesar was dreading. He lost control and she took her last breaths despising Caesar as a small man.

Verenus and Pollo meet and bring out the boy themselves. In a fight, Verenus gets injured and asks Pollo to bring him home. When they arrive, the children are with their father for the first time in years, on his deathbed. Verena forgives him and his last few moments are happy before he dies.

Caesar is having a triumph, with everyone in attendance, including his mother, who almost didn’t come. While the triumph is happening, Attia looks at Caesar and seems to regret ever giving birth to him.

Pollo meets with Caesar and tells him of the death of Caesarian and Verenus.

* * * * *

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