A Kimchi Vat Next To The Storytree

I was meeting someone at the Guting MRT (古亭路) to pick up some backpacks a few weeks ago.

It was funny, because I had four bags with me that day. In the end, it looked like I only had two, because the other two were stuffed inside the other ones.

On the way back to work, I stopped to eat at Sogo. This was the first time that I have eaten there. I had spotted a few interesting cheap eateries there, this was after I went to the top of the new Sogo on Fuxing N. Rd. (復興北路); they have a nice garden and LED skylights there, it’s nice.

I went back down and looked around. I couldn’t figure out where to eat. All the menus were in Mandarin and no one really spoke English.

I saw a rotund man standing in front of a counter. He said that it’s all expensive, but that he was eating here.

Is it good I asked.

He said it’s Korean and he was Korean so he was giving it a shot.

I said I would try it as well and went through the menu with him to find what I wanted. I got some food and they gave me this buzzer which would light up when I could pick up my food.

I went and got a papaya smoothie and just as I finished paying, I rushed to pick up my food.

The B2 food court was full, I couldn’t find a space. I saw some places, but they were “bar” style places, not very comfortable to sit on becaue of the high stools. I saw the Korean man gesturing towards me. I thought that was nice of him. He looked amicable; he had short black hair, glasses and was shorter than me.

I sat down and we talked about his travels. I said that I just came back from Hong Kong, he said that he was going there in a few days, he said it’s expensive. I agreed. He told me that he liked Taiwan, there were a lot of things to see.

He told me about Thailand and other places he had seen. He told me that he was an engineer. I told him that I was a teacher. He told me that things in Korea were expensive.

I got the feeling that he had a family, but I wondered why he wasn’t traveling with them.

I told him about my travels and he liked to hear about that.

* * * * *

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2 thoughts on “A Kimchi Vat Next To The Storytree”

  1. Hi there,

    I am contacting you to get your permission to use your photo (Kimchi Vat next to the storytree) for our calendar 2009. I work for the International Institute at the University of Michigan. We are a non-profit educational institute, and the calendar we are making is for our outreach work. We do not gain any profit from publishing the new calendar. Please contact me so that we can discuss the details of our work and the permission.


    Jiyoung Lee

  2. Hello, I do not own the copyrights to this photo and I didn’t take it. Please contact the photographer at:

    Looking back helps you move forward. Happy 2019! May it be prosperous and peaceful for all! #2018bestnine

    This photo was published on this blog using the “blog this” feature of flickr.

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