Month: April 2007

  • PageOne And Some More Pens

    The weekend went by a little too quickly for my taste. I spent most of the time reading and relaxing. I caught up on some shows as well.

  • Flickr Interestingness 30.04.2007

    An example of Holgaraphy.

  • Light Painting By Gh0st

    Incredible light painting photographs by Gh0st.

  • Raines S01E07 (NBC)

    Raines investigates a crime that he doesn’t really want to investigate, the murder of his ex-wife’s husband. He died mysteriously in a plane crash, with billionaire Richard Billings. The investigation will be complicated, because there is more than one victim and anyone of them could have been the target. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

  • Painkiller Jane S01E03 (Scifi)

    A strange new form of neuro (human with mutated psychic abilities) threatens the team and starts manipulating them. After a few surprises, they do something that they normally wouldn’t do, but the end result is the same; a chipped (implantation of a chip to stop their psychic abilities) neuro. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

  • Lost S03E18 (ABC)

    Jack is settling into his life on the beach again, but people aren’t as trusting as before. Something is wrong. Meanwhile, Juliet continues her infiltration of the beach and finds someone to study even further. This is a Sun-centric episode, revealing details of her past with Jin, after their recent marriage. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

  • Jericho S01E20 (CBS)

    An apartment building near Guting MRT. This is the second part of how things went sour with the town next door, New Bern. Johnston and Russell get involved to get Eric and Jake out of New Bern. Will Eric last that long and how will Hawkins help them out? A character from Jericho S01E15 reappears.…

  • Jericho S01E19 (CBS)

    A building near Alleycats Pizza Restaurant. I like the top part of it. As if Jericho didn’t have enough problems with Ravenwood and other parties, it looks like things are not going to well with their neighboring town of New Bern. In town, people are acting strange because of all the danger that they are…

  • 24 S06E19 (Fox)

    A building near Guting MRT station in Taipei, Taiwan. Jack is executing is daring plan to save Audrey Raines, but will it be enough so that he can rescue her? Meanwhile, political fallout is hitting CTU and unexpected things are happing because VP Daniels is now in charge. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

  • Suitcases In Guting

    Today, after teaching, I met my wife in town and we had a bite to eat before meeting Daniel for a small get-together.