The Black Donnellys S01E03 (NBC)

The IFC tower in Hong Kong is actually so big that it’s hard to photograph. In this shot, I got the bottom part. It’s supposed to be beautiful inside as well.

The events taking place in this episode of The Black Donnellys take chronologically place after the webepisode God is a Comedian, still available for a few days for viewing from the NBC web site.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Jimmy is out of jail because Kevin “convinced” the witness not to testify. He blabs about how his brothers killed for him and that lands him again into hot water.

Hughie’s brother Dokey is looking to even the score and watching the Donnellys right now.

Hughie’s widow asks to have the wake at the Firecracker, Jimmy’s bar. During this, Jenny tells Tommy that she can’t be with him anymore and chooses a delivery boy Samson instead.

Most of the episode centers on the boys getting the supplies for the wake. They go to the funeral as well. We learn that Nicky orchestrated the murder of the Italian mob boss, by pressuring the Donnellys. Hughie was just collateral damage.

* * * * *

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