The Black Donnellys S01E04 (NBC)

A busy street in Hong Kong.

I haven’t been able to find out if the status of The Black Donnellys. I’ve researched it a bit, and it turns out that NBC ordered 13 initial episodes. My guess is that midway through this, we will see if NBC orders a full next season for next fall.

The ratings are fairly good, not as good as expected, but fairly good. A lot better than Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Sean is doing better and Tommy wants him to go back to school.

Jenny slept with Samson but she doesn’t take it any further.

Nicky shows around the Donnellys place to collect his money and threatens the family. Tommy tells his brothers to guard their mom from now on.

Jimmy and Joey find Louie the bookie’s book and want to find a way to collect the betting dues.

Jenny confesses her sins. She is actually married and her husband disappeared on her a while ago. Her priest tells her to look into an annulment.

Thanks to Kevin, Jimmy figures out how to collect on the bets by impersonating one of the employees from the office.

Tommy wants to drop out of school and get some money back, but he learns that his school fees have been cancelled; every year, Hughie normally pays them. He mistakenly thought that killing Hughie wouldn’t change things.

Samson tells Tommy that he slept with Jenny.

Tommy goes to see Dokey and learns that his tuition was a handout from Hughie, not a death benefit from the union. Dokey tells him that he doesn’t really care about Tommy’s problems. Dokey offers Tommy a job collecting something.

When Kevin and his mom come back home, the door is open.

Kim, Sean’s girlfriend, learns why Sean’s mother doesn’t like him; she thinks that Sean received the beating because of her.

Tommy is using his mom’s casserole as a way into Hughie’s house. Dokey wants him to get something from the house and then he will be squared with Nicky. Tommy finds the case that Dokey wants. The case is filled with money.

Dokey gives him 2500$ to pay Nicky off this week.

Jimmy and Joey try to collect the money, but only mess it up, as usual. They take names and it doesn’t work out; they have to beat the money out of their first customer.

Tommy does the same thing that Nicky did to him; he visits Nicky while he goes sees his mom. He tells Nicky that they are square because Nicky beat up Sean on his own, not without the approval of the bosses.

Jenny comes by. Tommy pushes her away. Tommy gets a call from Kate, Hughie’s widow, who noticed that the case was missing. She wants Tommy to change the locks so that Dokey can’t come in anymore.

* * * * *

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2 responses to “The Black Donnellys S01E04 (NBC)”

  1. K Avatar

    The first picture is where I frequent to shoppe around. It’s the Island Beverly side by side with Sogo Dept Store. The area is one amongst the famous road/street in Hk – youngster are so visible in every corner.

  2. range Avatar

    Yeah, we were staying near there on our trip to Hong Kong. It was strange to walk around during the night and have so much light and people on the streets.

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