The Black Donnellys S01E05 (NBC)

Recycling on the road in Hong Kong.

I finally started getting into the show, a few episodes in. It took a while before it got really interesting. Now that more than one character has problems, it’s getting good.

My guess is that the show will get another half or full season in the fall. After that, NBC will see if they renew it for the next season. There is a strong buzz around this show.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Jackie Chang bought a condo here in this development in Hong Kong. It costs 30000HK$ a square foot, which is a little more than 7000USD$ a sqf.


Jimmy and Kevin run into problems trying to collect from someone from the neighborhood that they know, Eddie Maxwell.

Jenny notices that there no money left in the bank accounts of the diner and that they have been bouncing checks for the last week.

Jimmy is ready to shoot Maxwell, and Tommy intervenes. Tommy says that he will get his money from the guy. It seems like this is a repetitive theme, Tommy has to find money to bail out his family, time and time again.

Kevin and Jimmy discuss and agree that they should get rid of Louie’s phone. Kevin introduces Jimmy to a bookie called Whitey so that they can set up shop as bookies.

Joey tells the feds that this introduction leads to the murder of one of the two parties.

Nicky wants to see Dokey; He wants an answer about the offer that they made to Hughie before. The Italians would take 20% of the take and the Irish mob would get access to the crooked judges and resources of the Italian mob.

Dokey wants nothing to do with that offer.

Jimmy, Kevin and Whitey steal a few laptops so they can set-up shop and download the information from Louie’s phone.

Jodie’s apartment is used by Whitey and Jimmy as a place for their new business. She freaks out because she doesn’t like Whitey. Tommy tells Jimmy about Maxwell’s offer to give them 2500USD.

Jenny is having problem with her father and their diner. She follows her dad and finds out that he has been making deposits in the mailbox instead of the bank. He is getting Alzheimer.

Maxwell sends his wife to make a payment of only 500$. Tommy stays and watched the plays and sees Maxwell pulls up with a new car.

Jimmy and his small crew show up at a Gambler’s Anonymous meeting to pick up new customers.

Nicky gets worked over by his boss Alo for starting a war with the Irish mob and killing Dokey’s guys.

Maxwell thinks that he can not pay his debt and looks high and mighty, that is until Tommy jumps over and grabs his gun and beat the shit out of him. He takes the money that he owes and leaves, showing clearly to his wife that he is still gambling.

Jenny confronts the mailman who took the money from the night deposits over the last 6 weeks. He doesn’t give her anything.

Tommy gives his cut of the take to Jenny to help her out.

* * * * *

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