24 S06E16 (Fox)

Well, things are developing quickly in 24. Only 7 episodes left after this one and things are grinding forward very fast.

A few threads of the storyline get partially resolved and a few other continue to plague CTU and Bauer.

Palmer makes a come back, though for how long, no one really knows. And in the end, Palmer does something quite surprising, even I wasn’t thinking that it would happen, but it did.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Bauer believes that Gredenko is playing them, because he rolled over too easily on Fayed. Meanwhile, the President is facing the Attorney General and the VP on his health issues so that he can remain Commander-in-chief.

The President states his case pretty strongly, supported partially by the testimony of his surgeon. The VP makes this all about the policy decision of the President.

Milo and Nadia continue their flirtatious behavior at the CTU office. Doyle is trying to gap the void between him and Nadia. Doyle suspects that Milo is responsible for the information leak, because he entered the wrong security parameters.

There is a tie in the vote of confidence of the President. In this view of things, the President will remain in charge. However, VP Daniels says that Hayes’ vote is not valid because she resigned her duties.

The Attorney General says that this is a decision that should be decided by the Supreme Court. He says that the Supreme Court was in session today and that they can be reconvened. They should have an answer within the hour about the vote and the validity of Daniels’ claims.

Bauer realizes if there is a problem with the Presidency, the immunity agreement that Gredenko is asking for will be null and void.

Nadia gets the info from Milo’s station and Doyle erases it so that Milo can remain at CTU.

Hayes confides in her husband Buchanan about her fears about the Presidency and Daniels’ lunacy.

Gredenko’s attorney verifies the agreement and they proceed with their deal. He calls Fayed and sets up a meet to exchange the info.

The President’s sister goes over the case that will go before the Supreme Court. The VP’s aide Lisa Miller thinks that the chances of his agenda passing are slim. Lisa comes up with a crooked up with a perjury to help out the VP. They are on a slippery slope. She is going to draft an affidavit that makes Hayes’ reinstatement temporary and not official.

Lennox confronts the VP and tells him that he has been recording the conversation that he just had with his aide. This puts the VP in hot water. Lennox says that after the VP forced Lennox to lie to the ambassador he took some precautions.

Lennox tells him that he either calls the Supreme Court or he will give his recorded conversation to them.

The Supreme Court informs the President that the VP took away his bid.

Gredenko is tagged with a radioactive isotope that will penetrate his bones and live in his system for 11 hours. Doyle’s team is too far away to be there in time, so Jack has to use Ryan’s tac team.

As Gredenko meets with Fayed, he takes off his transmitter. He tells Fayed that he has a way for both of them to get out of there. Bauer finds Gredenko’s chopped off arm where Gredenko was supposed to be.

As they try to make their escape, they are cornered in a bar and Gredenko betrays Fayed and tells everyone he is a terrorist. As the crowd surges to kill Fayed, he kills a few people before they pummel him.

Bauer arrives just in time to take charge.

The President orders his surgeon to give him another shot of adrenaline so that he can keep functioning. The surgeon is worried because this will increase his blood pressure and could cause vascular damage.

Gredenko falls down next to the ocean and its unsure whether he will get up again.

Lennox is made aware that the President is about to make the nuclear strike. The missiles are launched and on their way. The President says that he needs to reassert his authority over the cabinet and policy and not appear weak.

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