Running Errands

I have been running errands every few days since I arrived in Taipei, in the beginning of March. I am looking forward to some quiet time.

It’s getting to me and it’s stressful as well, because it takes an hour to get anywhere from where we live. On the best of days, it takes me 45 minutes to get to work. On the worst days, it can take me more than an hour.

Today I was tutoring in Tienmu (天母). Getting there is a bit of a hassle. You have to get to Jiantan MRT (劍潭站) and then take the 220 bus up to Tienmu.

I had just missed the bus and had to wait almost 20 minutes before another one came buy.

One the way back, I took the wrong bus, the 224 because it said on the display that it was going to the MRT Jiantan. Obviously, it was snaking around Taipei, so I got off at Zhishan MRT (芝山站) and took the subway back. I left the job at 5PM and arrived home at about 7:30PM. This was after I stopped at the Wellcome to pick up some steaks. Naturally, things just got worse. On my way back to Sinjhuang City (新莊市), the bus was packed very tightly.

When I got back onto the bus, it actually broke down a few minutes from our apartment.

Talk about bad luck!

By next week, thing should calm themselves down a lot.

Author: range

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