The Black Donnellys S01E00 God Is A Comedian (NBC)

A boat in the mist in Victoria Harbor.

Although I have seen that this episode’s name is 1×00, it is actually the 3rd episode and chronologically follows 1×02.

I guess the reason why this episode didn’t air was the scene with the scalpel and the fingers. And maybe the scene where a guy gets run over by a bus. It was a bit more violent than the other episodes I have seen. Then again, it’s nothing like the Sopranos.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

A typical Hong Kong street.


We see that Tommy confessed to his priest, but in the end his promise of not killing anyone won’t amount to anything because he still has to take care of his brothers, who keep getting into trouble, especially Jimmy.

He confronts Jimmy and we see that he has been bailing Jimmy out most of his life, trying to keep him out of jail. Now, he wants him in jail so that he goes to rehab and cleans up.

They get a call from Helen, their mom who has concerns about Sean. Kevin goes to get Joey and they implement a plan of their own.

Nicky has a meet with Alo, his capo. Alo is parading his women. Dokey is there as well. Alo is cutting off people’s toes, once everyday until he finds out who killed his brother.

A doctor wants to move Sean out of the ICU because they need the bed. Tommy talks to her and he isn’t happy about what he is hearing.

Kevin and Joey get together to make a plan. They get a bathtub and fill it up with tools and then get another bathtub to hide all the tools. They manage to get a lot of power tools.

Tommy is trying to straighten things out with Sean’s union so that he can stay in ICU, but the guy in charge says that he has to talk to Dokey.

Kevin finds out where the witness lives. Jimmy is experiencing withdrawal.

Tommy tries to bribe the hospital administrator with a stolen air conditioner and that doesn’t work. Sean gets into more serious condition after they move him out of ICU. The doctor tries to put him back, but they do not have the space. Tommy is freaking out.

Kevin tries to intimidate the witness, but that doesn’t really work. He gets actually beat up himself by the witness. Just as the witness was leaving to go to the police, he gets run over by a bus.

At the moment when Tommy is about to cut off one of the fingers of the hospital administrators, he realizes that it’s not worth it.

Sean is doing better in the ward. Jimmy gets released and his first order of business is to get high.

Tommy gets a warning from Nicky; the penalty is 2500$ a week until Louie Downtown reappears.

* * * * *

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