The Black Donnellys S01E06 (NBC)

Another cool building on Fuxing North Rd.(復興北路)

Tommy continues to be the money guy for everybody he knows; he gets the money they need to help them out. His brothers are continuing to horse around and things are not going as planned with their booking business and their extortion business that Jimmy just started.

Jimmy looks like he will get whacked at some point in the series. Or maybe he will just keep on doing his thing.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Cruise ships lining up outside of Hong Kong.


Jenny asks Tommy for help to find the 13000$ missing for their mortgage payments that her dad put in the mail, thinking it was a bank deposit box.

Jimmy and Joey get into the extortion business.

Sean gets back into school, thanks to the parish father.

Jimmy needs to help Kevin get the bets that haven’t paid off from gamblers. If he does that, he can get a percentage.

Tommy tells Kevin that he will take the money. They are able to collect on one bet, but the others were made by Kevin himself, even after everybody told him not to bet. After he tells Tommy, he still thinks he can make the money up by betting on a horse.

Unclo Bobby the Mouth, Whitey’s uncle, wants his 10000$ from the bets. He tells Whitey to bring Jimmy over so that they can murder him.

Alo talks with Nicky and tells him to go see Dokey, who surprisingly agrees quickly to the deal that Sal has put in place. Nicky doesn’t understand why, but he needs to find out quickly or he is dead, in his own opinion.

Tommy asks Kate Farrell, but in the end he doesn’t go through it because he thinks it would be a mistake. In the end, Kevin and Tommy have to gamble on horses to get the money that they both need.

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Sean are buying a jukebox for the Firecracker. Sean doesn’t want to go back to school and asks Jimmy about a job.

Tommy put all of the money on the other horse that Kevin thought of first. They had 5 to 1 odds, which means that they made a little more than 15000$.

Jimmy left Sean outside as a lookout to keep him out of harm’s way. A few minutes later, Bob the Mouth’s body lands on the car.

Jimmy lies to Tommy and he makes him leave the money that he just won on the horses, because Tommy believes that it has to go to Bob the Mouth. Tommy goes to see Kate to borrow the money for Jenny.

* * * * *

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