Life On Mars S02E01-07 (BBC)

A view close to The Peak near Hong Kong.

Life On Mars is a perfect homage to the Sweeney and the Professionals. It’s more reminiscent of a mix between the Sweeney and Starsky and Hutch.

Basically, Sam is a DCI in the London Constabulary and has an accident; he wakes up as a DI in 1973 under the supervision of DCI Hunt, a rough and tough investigator and crime solver, who cuts a lot of corners to get results.

Things are lot different in the past. No DNA, not a lot of forensics and not a lot of hard evidence, but they get the job done nonetheless.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

In this season, Annie Cartwright gets a promotion and becomes a plainclothes detective (WDC), thanks to Sam’s efforts.

In the first episode, they go after a criminal that Sam knows pretty well; he is connected to Sam’s present. Sam tries to rescue people, but it doesn’t work out. In the present, it looks like the same criminal tries to kill Sam, but he was stopped just in time.

The criminal is the owner of a gambling saloon and short of trying to get him for the murders, they are able to commit him for life in a funny farm, because he is talking about how Sam is actually from the future and so on.

In the second episode, a prisoner in Sam’s custody is broken out of prison. They find out later that he is doing robberies once again. They mount a sting operation and find out where the crew will hit next. They get the crew and are able to find out that for about 2 years, their superior, Superintendent Wolfe has been running crews and robberies.

He did this because his nemesis did so as well, and he was trying to blame him for it. But after he had the safebreaker killed, it spiraled out of control. Wolfe has terminal cancer, but Hunt locks him up anyway for being a criminal.

In episode 3, they investigate a series of explosions that they think are done by the IRA. It doesn’t make sense, because Sam knows that the IRA isn’t responsible since they didn’t use dynamite.

He puts his squad in danger and he regrets being a dick. They go through the Irish construction workers around and find nothing. They investigate the Irish who are trying to start a union and nothing pans out.

They find out hat the bomber is just a construction yard owner with debts; his plan was to go through a bank and rob it, but he is stopped before he can blow it up.

In episode 4, the team investigates the murder of a Beauvoir girl, that reminds Hunt of a murder a few years ago. This reminds Sam of his Aunt Heather that he loved as a kid. She was also a Beauvoir girl. Beauvoir girls sell cosmetics on the road, just like Avon ladies.

Chris has a date with a girl and asks advice from the squad.

Hunt informs his squad that this murder is similar to 5 that happened a few years ago. The murderer died in prison. He thinks that they might have got the wrong man at the time, but he was a criminal, so it doesn’t really matter.

They go through the investigation and a find a lead to a luxury car salesman. The salesman holds swinger parties and Sam juryrigs some listening devices in order to catch the perpetrator, who they think is the salesman.

He has to go undercover with Annie, but in the end it turns out that the salesman’s wife was the one committing the murders because she was extremely jealous of her husband sleeping with other women.

In episode 5, the squad goes back on an old file that was not solved properly. They look at why somebody wants Graham Bathurst released. Bathurst was sentenced to 10 years for the killing of a young girl.

Meanwhile Sam is having a hard time because there was a problem with a shot he got in the real world that is affecting him. He has a fever and is not looking too good. He didn’t participate in the last few days of investigation and needs to catch up on what has happened before he can help out.

Someone kidnapped a teacher’s family and is asking for the release of Bathurst. As the story unravels, we find out that the father of the victim’s family is actually the one holding the family hostage. The teacher has been accused of improper handling and in the end, we find out that he is actually the one who most probably killed the girl.

In episode 6, the squad investigates the murder of a Pakistani, who is accused of being a drug smuggler. As the story unfolds, there are more and more sides to the story.

At the same time, Sam receives cryptic messages from his girlfriend Maya. He finds out that Leila, the girlfriend of the victim, is actually Maya’s mother and that she is partially mixed up in things.

In the end, it’s mixed up with the actual smuggling of the drugs by other factions than the immigrants.

In episode 7, Hunt allegedly kills a criminal that he needs Sam to investigate the crime. It looks like Hunt was framed, because the last time we see him before the crime, he was going out to find his gun from the car where he was with Sam.

They get a new anal temporary DCI named Morgan to replace Hunt.

What ever he is, he’s not a killer.
DI Tyler to the new DCI Morgan about DCI Hunt.

DCI Hunt is able to secure his release and escape from under the noses of his team.

A while later, Wilkes the trainer of the boxing hall that the first suspect owned turns up dead. Everybody is looking for Hunt, but they can’t find him. He turns up at Sam’s apartment and they talk about the situation and Sam believes that Hunt did not do anything. He is being framed.

Hunt and Tyler investigate the frame, by going back to the 1st crime scene. They are able to retrace part of the steps of the night that he killed Hasleyn. They find out that Davey, the boxer, is most probably responsible for the murders.





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