Lost S03E15 Left Behind (ABC)

In the episodes leading up to the 3rd season finale, we see more links and relationships that were not apparent between the main characters. After last week’s interesting filler episode, we continue with more revelations from the Others’ camp and the impact that it has on the Losties.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The flashback is Kate-centric and we see her have trouble with her car. She meets with the woman that Sawyer conned Cassidy; she is trying to sell fake jewelry. She helps her out.

Locke goes to see Kate. Locke is coming to say goodbye. Locke has been told who Kate really is. He completely lost faith in Kate. So Jack isn’t the only one who knows her secret anymore. Locke tells her that he isn’t going home, but she is going to stay here.

Back at the beach, Sawyer is informed by Hurley that there is going to be a vote to banish him. Hurley is trying to help Sawyer, but he will have none of that.

Kate ponders the food that Juliet dropped for her while she thinks about what Locke just told her. It looks like all of the Others are leaving to go somewhere. They are putting on gas masks. They throw in a gas grenade into where Kate is being held.

The woman is trying to find out more about Kate. Kate tells her that she killed her step-father and escaped from the Marshall that was holding her. She is in Iowa to see her mother.

Kate wakes up in the jungle. She is handcuffed to Juliet; it looks like the Others had a purge.

In beachtown, things are not looking good for Sawyer. Sawyer is trying to be independent, but it doesn’t work out for him. He goes back to see Hurley and wants to make amends. Hurley makes him apologize for calling him all those names.

Kate takes Juliet’s knife while she is unconscious, but when she takes it out, Juliet wakes up. Juliet wants to know why Kate wants to go back. She tells Juliet what happened right before she left. Juliet acts like she is surprised, but as we know, the Others lie. So we can’t take anything that she says at face value.

In the flashbacks, Kate has to explain to the woman why she wants to see her mom. Kate says that she blew up her step-father. Kate took out an insurance policy on the house, and put her mom as the beneficiary. But in the end, her mom gave her up to the police. And Kate wants to know why.

Kate and Juliet make their way back. They both hear thunder and it starts to rain. Juliet and Kate fight it out, and this time, Kate wins and breaks something. They both hear the monster in the distance. She didn’t break her arm, but dislocated Juliet’s shoulder. They run and hide from the monster.
The monster almost sounds mechanical. There are a few bright flashes, just like it scanned Juliet and the monster retreats. More and more, I think that the monster is actually a device.

Hurley preps Sawyer to interact with Claire.

Juliet has never seen the monster before. Juliet puts her shoulder back in, just like Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon. Juliet tells Kate that they had cameras on the cages when Kate had her affair with Sawyer. That is why Jack told Kate not to come back.

Sawyer continues his PR effort with the losties. He is helping Desmond to hunt a boar because he believes that they people will like meat.

The woman is able to draw a trap so that Kate can meet her mom. Her mom tells her that what she did, she did it for herself. She tells her never to come back.

They both are confronted again with the monster in daylight and they run away. They both drop into the mud and come across the sonic barriers. Kate doesn’t want to be in them and Juliet unlocks their cuffs and deactivates the sonic barrier. They go across and they both see the black smoke come at them very fast. It is blocked by the sonic barriers. Juliet says that they don’t know what it is, but they do know that it doesn’t like the sonic barriers.

Back at camp, they have a hoedown. Sawyer talks with Charlie and realizes that he has been conned by Hurley. Hurley tells him that he did this because if Sawyer is going to be the temporary leader, he needs to do some damage control, and that is what Hurley helped him do.

But Sawyer sees that he has a long way to go until Sun forgives him.

Kate and Juliet make their way back to camp and look for Jack and Sayid. She tells Jack that they all left because of her.

Cassidy and Kate call it quits. Cassidy tells her that she is pregnant with Sawyer’s baby.

Sayid, Kate, Jack and Juliet start to make their way back to camp, but Sayid doesn’t want Juliet to come. It looks like a set-up or an easy convenient way to put a spy back into the losties’ camp.

* * * * *

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