24S06E17 (Fox)

A lot gets resolved in this episode of 24.

Jack also gets a surprise visitor.

You wonder how the season will end, with 7 more episodes left.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Jack is interrogating Fayed but he isn’t optimistic about breaking him. Hayes tries to make Buchanan lie about a lead on the suitcase nuke.

The Saudi ambassador implores the President to stop the nukes, but the President doesn’t relent. The ambassador tells the President of General Habib, who was supposedly in contact with Fayed until recently. He is being interrogated by the Saudis.

The President demands that the ambassador keeps him informed about the interrogation of Habib and that the ambassador comes immediately to the White House for the duration of this crisis.

The President orders the missile destroyed. He informs his staff that the missile was a dud. It was a bluff.

There is another interrogation going on. Fayed is being tortured and interrogated by Bauer.

Buchanan says that they will have to try something else. He wants Fayed transported to CTU. He wants him interrogated with a pharmacological package, thanks to Mr. Pain himself, Burke.

Lennox apologizes to the President for ever doubting him. But the President still has the shakes.

Bauer and Doyle get ambushed on the way to CTU. Their van flips and terrorists try to free Fayed. Bauer and Doyle are shot. The terrorists free Fayed.

Later, we see that it was all a setup. Bauer and Doyle are still alive. It’s a ruse to get information out of Fayed. Fayed wants to talk to General Habib to confirm that the men are effectively working for him.

The President has to talk to the ambassador to organize this. He doesn’t really give the ambassador any choice.

Milo suspects something is up with Nadia and Doyle, after she shows concern about his injuries.

Habib’s family is being threatened unless he cooperates, thanks to the suggestion of the President. He is confirming that the men are under his orders. Fayed tells him of the problems that he has had with Gredenko.

The President is looking ill. He asks Tom to conceal this fact from his staff.

Nadia thinks that the General used a code in Arabic to Fayed. When Bauer tries to inform his team, however just when he says the words, the van carrying Fayed goes through a tunnel.

They find the van in the tunnel and Fayed gone. All the agents are dead, except Jamal who they can’t find. Bauer finds Fayed again and tries to follow him so that he will lead him to the nukes.

Jack is underneath the sanitation truck that Fayed is driving, and it’s too noisy for him to contact Buchanan.

The President wants more adrenaline, but his doctor tells him that he will die if he gets it.

Fayed tells his men to get a move on; they will attack downtown LA with the bombs that are left. Jack makes his entry into the safe house of the terrorists. He finds the nukes.

And he makes his move. He kills 7 terrorists using the cover of darkness and when his ammo runs out, he takes a run at Fayed. There is a dirty fight going on, with no clear winner. That is until Fayed has the upper hand for a short while.

But not for long! Jack uses a chain for his advantage and hangs Fayed. Jack is wounded.

After seeing Jack’s handiwork, Doyle manages to say:

Damn, Jack.

Bauer gets a phonecall from Audrey Raines. He gets a call from the Chang who has her detained.

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