Air Raids In Taipei

So today I was lounging about at home, getting ready for my teaching hours later in the afternoon when I heard this strange sound from outside.

Normally, the area where we live now is pretty quiet compared to before.

So I was quite surprised to hear this sound. It sounded like a siren.

As I focused my ears, I was utterly confused. It was like a siren out of World War Two, like an air raid siren.

I later learned that this was actually an air raid siren.

They last for an hour and half in Taiwan.

When you hear them, if you are in a car, you are supposed to pull over. No buses or taxis are allowed on the streets as well. If you are on foot, you are supposed to stay inside.

* * * * *

The weather is getting people down in Taipei; it’s miserable. I don’t mind the rain when I am inside, but as soon as you leave the house, you get drenched. Either from rain water or from sweat. Another good reason why I do need to get myself a descent raincoat.

I’ve been exploring the flickrverse again; it’s been a while. I used to do that all the time. It comes with the fact that I have started taking a lot more photographs than before. I have taken almost 10000 photos since December the 13th. Actually, the number is a lot higher than that. I have kept 10000 photos. I am sure that I have taken close to 50000 photos; I just erase the ones I don’t like and most of the time, out of 800 photos, you keep about 150.

I still haven’t tried using the auto-bracketing feature of my Nikon D200 to take HDR photographs. I have read that it is quite easily possible, it’s just finding the right subject. I am more of a 1-2-3 shoot photographer than one that patiently awaits the perfect shot.

* * * * * have really hit it off.

I have had 1106 visits on Monday, and 5036 on Tuesday and in three hours on Wednesday, already another 385 hits.

This is on top of the usual traffic from the WP version of this blog, which has slowed down abit. (Around 1000 visits per day.)

Still, it’s encouraging.

The most visits that I have ever gotten on this blog was around 13000 in a day back in December with this post.

Before that, it was around 4000 with my HDR post back in July 2006. Ironically, at the time there was a problem with the stats in WP and this number was actually shown to be 40 times higher than it was. It gave me food for thought for my ideas on memetics.

BTW, this is the 770th post on Only 230 more to go in 43 days.

I did 100 posts for the first time in January as a personal challenge. I tried to make them relevant and not just pointless. I have approached the 1000 posts matter the same way. Relevant posts. It has actually helped me understand more of the nature of a post, or more precisely the way I post.

I used to have my posts go all over the place.

Now, they are more on target.

I find them better.

* * * * *

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