Doctor Who S03E02 The Shakespeare Code (BBC)

In this week’s episode, the Doctor brings Martha along for her first ride in the TARDIS. He tells her that this is a one time deal, but we all know that she will end up sticking with the Doctor for the season.

They go into the past and spend some time with Shakespeare.

Whilst there, mysteries are revealed about the lost play of Shakespeare.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


The Doctor takes Martha Jones to see Shakespeare.

What he doesn’t know is that there are strange aliens influencing the Bard to create a play, called Love Labors One.

The Bard is enchanted by Miss Jones. We see that the youngest of the hags is going around and magic is all around.


The evidence is shown when an official was about to ban the new play by Shakespeare. He gets killed by witchcraft. He drowns without being near water.

The Doctor says it looks like witchcraft but it isn’t.

We see that the youngest hag is making the Bard write while he is sleeping. Right before she kills another wench. The writing is a summoning for strange beings. This happens when they are rehearsing the play.

The Doctor thinks that the architect of the Globe has something to do with it. But Shakespeare tells him that he went stark raving mad and is in Bedlam, a sanitarium.

Peter Street is telling the Doctor what happened to him a year ago. The witches got Peter to design the Globe to their design. One of the witches comes to kill Street.

The Doctor figures out that the witches are Caryonites, a race of aliens who use words as people use science. Caryonites disappeared at the dawn of the universe, no one knows why. They find out that the last few lines that are being said on the stage are the code needed to bring about the end of the world and the beginning of a Caryonite empire.

The world will come to an end in 1599 if the Doctor doesn’t do anything. The Eternals banished the Caryonites. Thanks to the play, all of the Caryonites will be able to come to Earth.

The tetra decahedron is activated and the Millenium of Blood will begin. Caryonites flock through the portal. The Doctor convinces Shakepeare to say the perfect words to banich the Caryonites. He ends it with Expelliarmus, the disarming spell from Harry Potter, thanks to Martha Jones.

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