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Yesterday, I had some time to kill, so I went by Page One in the Taipei 101 Mall.

It’s a nice big bookstore.

I was looking for some more books, seeing that I had already finished Red Mars and Green Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson.

(The review is in the works right now.)

Looking through the shelves, I found The System of the World by Neal Stephenson. It was funny because I found this book in the general fiction section, with Interface and Snow Crash! I might just get myself a copy of Snow Crash, since I only have an e-copy of it.

Another book called Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell grabbed by fancy. It was by Susanna Clarke. It was on special and it was really thick (Page One is having a 30-50% sale on some books). I quickly skimmed it and decided to buy it.

The science-fiction section of Page One is small, but it has some interesting stuff. I looked over the fantasy section as well and almost wanted to buy (again!) the History of Middle-Earth volumes 1 to 10 by Christopher Tolkien. But I decided not to buy any books that I already had. This will be hard, because I do have all of the Alastair Reynolds books but I only brought a few with me. Actually, I was able to pre-order The Prefect (12.04.2007), which is coming out this week. I am not sure if I will have that book this week, but it will give me an excuse to go back to Page One.

A few books by Iain Banks grabbed my attention. I didn’t really know a lot about him. I read a passage in Consider Phlebas and decided that he was worth a try. What really grabbed me were the covers, they were strikingly done in the Orbit paperback editions.

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See the book reviews section in the Articles.

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