Work Out S02E01-02 (Bravo)

Season two of Work Out just kicked off.

I found the series interesting last year, I’m wondering what will happen next.

It’s a soap opera in a gym.
Warning: Spoilers ahead.


This is an interesting reality TV show on Bravo. It revolves around a personal trainer named Jackie Warner who opened a gym called Sky Sport & Spa on the top of a building in Beverly Hills. She has hired a crop of very talented trainers that cater to a high class clientele.

Jackie has decided that she will no longer try to work things out with her girlfriend Mimi; her relationship is too destructive and it’s not good for her.

She goes out with Rebecca and gets all flirty with her. Rebecca is surprised to see how well they go together. Both of them keep flirting which each other.

She wants to start a new program with some overweight clients, to really help them reduce weight. She calls it Skylab. She assigns each trainer a client so that they work with them. At the same time, she makes all the trainers get their body fat tested. Surprisingly, Brian has the least amount of body fat of everyone. Jesse has a body fat index of 21%, higher than the women’s body fat and this embarrasses him.

Brian had another disagreement with Jackie. She has been pushing his buttons at her party at her new house, and he is so angry that he leaves.

Jesse and Doug still have an argument over what Doug said in between seasons about at least he is portraying a “good” gay role model. This deeply offended Jesse and they have not really been on speaking turns ever since.

But Jesse takes the opportunity of Jackie’s party to make up with Doug, and he really appreciates it.

There is a new trainer as well Gregg. Jackie is thinking of getting rid of a trainer.

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