Friday Is Here Or The Pre Likemind TPE Series

A cool building hiding behind some trees. Taken on the 12th of April 2007.

The week is over!

Finally! Time to have some fun.

A view of the way back home last night.

The kids have a make-up day tomorrow, so I’m not working!

I plan on getting a few things done on the blog and in my writing. I’ve gotten some inspiration over the last week and I’ve just been itching to get them written down.

This week, I watched Shooter, the new Marky Mark (Mark Wahlberg) movie.

Strange clouds in downtown Taipei.

It was a pretty predictable movie. The plot is easy to divine, but the action isn’t too bad.

The way to God in Shulin (樹林市).

It’s another one of those sniper centered movies.

Another interesting building in Shulin (樹林市). I love how they put these tiles on the buildings, they give so much more detail than bare concrete.

Be patient, I’ve got about 10 series in the works that have just finally uploaded to Zooomr. All of the Thailand goodies and more recent stuff is on its way!

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