Drive S01E02 (Fox)

The show continues with it’s strange goal; to win $32 million.

However, the racers learn that it’s not only a race of speed, though speed helps. It’s also a race of wits. There are clues to decipher and things to consider. Blindly racing ahead will get you nowhere.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Wendy is torn between her penalty; she was told last episode that she had to get rid of one of the contestants.

As she ponders her fate, the waitress is giving Wendy a warning that she has to eliminate her before the next checkpoint or she will be eliminated.

The kidnapped guy is telling Tully to be weary of the girl.

The professor’s is dying.

The veteran’s girlfriend enlisted as well and as gone AWOL.

Corinna tells Tully that she isn’t really in the race, she found her way into the race. And the flashdrive doesn’t have the finish line on it, but vital stats on all of the other racers as well as information about the race organizers and their sponsors. Corinna keeps lying to Tully, and it’s hard for him to take anything at face value anymore.

Tully was about to dump Corinna and the guy, but she knocked him out with a laptop and took his truck, the race phone and the flashdrive.

Corinna tells him that her parents were in the race 27 years ago and didn’t make it. So they took her.

There is a whole standoff between the guy, Corinna and Tully. In the end, Tully and Corinna partner up.

Wendy recruits the girl instead of killing her.

Tully gets proof that his wife isn’t dead.

* * * * *

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