Books, Books And More Books

I consider reading research for my stories, so I really like it.

I finished The Algebraist today and started reading Consider Phlebas. Both novels are by Iain M. Banks.

I went to the 101 mall again today, did some pre-two-year-anniversary shopping for the wife and bought some books.

I got Consider Phlebas, Inversions, Against A Dark Background, The Player Of Games and Feersum Endjinn by Iain M. Banks. I am missing Look To Windward, Use Of Weapons and The State Of The Art. I suggest that if you plan on buying them in paperback format, you go for the Orbit Books editions; they have nice thick paper, that is likely to last a lot longer than normal paperbacks.

At the same time, I checked up on how long I would have to wait for The Prefect by Alastair Reynolds. The news wasn’t good; at least a month!

While I was there, I ordered The Terror by Dan Simmons; it was only available in hardcover, the paperback is scheduled to come out only in December and I’ll be damned if I wait that long before I read it. I can wait a while for the Alastair Reynolds book (I’m getting tired of always having to spell it to the employees of PageOne!) and the Dan Simmons book for a few weeks, since I have at least 8000 pages to read until them.

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Comments from the WP version of this blog are being imported. The bulk of the comments made it through a while ago, but there are a few weeks worth of comments that had not been migrated. They are on the way, thanks to Daniel!

I need to fix my DJ headphones; they are the Sony MDR-V700. They broke a few months ago and I haven’t got around to it yet. At the time, they were the best on the market, except if you were ready to shell out more than $500.

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