Drive S01E03 (Fox)

The show Drive on Fox continues it’s season.

It’s interesting enough to warrant some attention.

Shows with mysteries do well, as the networks have seen from Lost.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Tully gets arrested by another person working for the race organizers. He gets punched.

The professor wakes up and the brothers continue to drive. Wendy’s passenger wasn’t too talkative.

The brothers talk and Sean finds out that his brother knew about him all along; they both grew up in Miami.

Tully is chained to a interrogation chair.

The soldier’s girlfriend tries to hide the phone from him, and throws it out the window, because she doesn’t want him to find out that she’s AWOL.

Dupree, the hot chick in a Mustang is actually a bounty hunter and she nabs Winston for not respecting the terms of his parole.

Sean gives an ultimatum to his father. He sends a lawyer, Esteban instead. Esteban is a close family friend who knows his father very well.

Corinna discovers that he was never arrested by the police but by someone impersonating a cop. A detective is snooping around Tully’s house trying to find out where he went.

Winston gets released and Tully gets a new car. It’s actually his old car. He arrives at the drive-in movie theater. They all arrive at some kind of orientation movie.

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