Jericho S01E18 (CBS)

Jake and Jimmy put two and two together about Hawkins.

There is a confrontation and a lot of talk and discovery.

Meanwhile, more details of the plot are revealed.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Jimmy tells Jake that he saw Hawkins with the same FBI badge that the terrorists had. They go into Hawkins’ basement and see all of his things and fake IDs.

They corner Hawkins as he makes his way back into his basement. Emily starts teaching again, but the students don’t really care about what she has to teach.

Mimi is going nuts and talking to chickens before she is supposed to kill one of them. She can’t bring herself to do it though.

Johnston is out hunting.

Hawkins is trying to talk himself out of his situation, but its not working. Jake wants to hear about Sarah. Hawkins is about to spill the beans.

Hawkins tells him that they were part of the CIA, an off the books team with Sarah Mason. The bombs came from Russia to the USA by the government. A shipment disappeared and the CIA team was tasked to find the nukes.

Hawkins specializes in satellite installation.

There is a flashback and we go back to when Hawkins learns were the bombs came from. He learns from a briefing that the nukes were converted into high yield devices and disseminated among extremist terrorist groups operating inside the USA. The terrorists are a cross section of domestic militia, religious extremists and anarchists.

Their goal is to bring down the federal government. They agents are tasked to infiltrate the terrorist cells and find the bombs. They know that someone is pulling the strings and that he has deep pockets.

The agents were broken up into groups of two to infiltrate the terrorist cells. Jericho was a rally point if they failed their mission. Jericho is outside all of the projected fallout zones.

It took him two years to infiltrate the terrorist cell. Hawkins supplied them the IDs. They were all tagged by Hawkins’ team. But as the deal went through, Hawkins’ partner was an FBI informant and he gets hauled into prison for a short while until his handler, Sarah Mason, gets him out.

He has a debriefing with his superiors and recommends that they take down the cells that they have identified. They could get from a third to half of the bombs. Mason has a plan to get Hawkins deeper into the cell’s command structure.

We see an old man with a cane, it could be the old man they have been talking about since the beginning of the show.

Alison wants to confide in Emily, but she doesn’t.

Hawkins wants to get the FBI informant out after he rattled him out to the terrorist cell. But this doesn’t work as expected. The guy breaks his leg and Hawkins has to kill him to protect his cover.

Hawkins was able to get out of his handcuffs and disarm Jake. Now the tables are turned. Hawkins has the gun on Jake.

Someone tipped off the terrorists and they moved up their timeline.

Hawkins shows Jake the bomb. Jake tells Jimmy that Hawkins is FBI. After having told his story, Hawkins realizes that one of his superiors, Thomas Valente, of the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office in Homeland Security is the old man. What a surprise.

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