Lost S03E17 (ABC)

This week’s Lost episode is Desmond-centric, as we learn more about his past, his way of talking and his motivation.

There is a new arrival on the island.

Who and how, maybe you will find out.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The recaps give a feel that this will be a Desmond-centric episode.

Maybe this time, Charlie will die. Maybe not.

Desmond has a vision about Charlie’s death. He will trip a wire and an arrow will pierce Charlie’s throat and he will die. He asks Hurley where the wire is, the one that leads out from the ocean.

Desmond just took a vow of silence to become a monk. That is why he calls everybody brother. Desmond goes and borrows Jack’s first aid kit, in order to be able to help Charlie in the future.

For some reason, to be reunited with his girlfriend Penny Widmore, Desmond needs to follow the course of events that he has foreseen. He takes Jinn and Charlie along with Hurley to follow the puzzle that he has seen.

In the past, Brother Desmond is taking his new tasks to heart.

Kate notices that Jack is treating her different since they came back from the Others’ camp; he is hanging out romantically with Juliet, not knowing or knowing full well that she will betray them in a few days time.

Jinn is telling Korean ghost stories. This is just before they hear a helicopter crash into the ocean. Then they see someone using a beacon crashing on the island with a parachute.

Desmond tells about why he left his fiancé Ruth right before their wedding.

Sawyer and Kate make love once again. Kate does it to spite Jack. Sawyer and Jack play ping pong.

Desmond is let go of the monastery because he doesn’t really fit in. That and he gets pissed on the wine that the monastery produced.

When the arrow is supposed to kill Charlie, Desmond was able to tackle him to save him.

In the past, that is how he met Penny, because she came to pick up 10 cases of wine from the abbey.

Desmond believes that because he saved Charlie Penny died. But it’s not Penny and the woman is alive. The episode ends with a cliffhanger, because we know nothing about this mysterious woman and how and why she came to the island.

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