Raines S01E05 (NBC)

This week, Raines investigates the murder of the wife of one of his friends.

It leads him down a strange path, when the full details are revealed thanks to his investigation.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Raines is investigating the death of a judges’s wife who just convicted a neo nazi to prison. The crime is related because there were some carvings in her skin.

The judge Lionel is actual one of Raines’ friends. The shotgun belonged to the judge as well. Her head is missing, so it’s hard for Raines to imagine her head.

The team is looking into the nazi that the judge convicted, Jerome Levey. Levey is a complete lunatic. They bust down a gang of Nazis and one of them gets shot. This is after Boyer declared the room cleared. Lance had to shoot him and Raines isn’t too happy about how Boyer did his job.

After seeing another press conference by the judge Lionel Web, Raines thinks that the murder might be related more to Connie Web than the judge himself. Connie was a witness in a crime that he was judging. She had problems in her childhood.

Lance is over sensitive and she spots something she thinks was a gun. She is itchy because of the shooting. The nazi she shot is critical but will have a hard recovery because he was shot in the intestine. Gut shots really hurt.

The victim was troubled over the last few months, but recently she started showing up with another woman and she was a lot happier. It looks like she was bisexual.

Web tells Raines all about it. She had an affair with another woman. They met this woman through an escort service. The team finds the woman thanks to tracking down the victim’s cell phone calls.

The woman is Russian. She tells Raines about the relationship that she has with Connie. She tells him about the drugs. Svetlana and Connie were both in NA.

Raines confronts Web with his new information. Raines is telling him about his problem. Because of his recent car accident, Web falls back into the drugs. He takes his wife back into the drugs again, but then he sees that Connie becomes sober again thanks to Svetlana.

Web ordered a hit on his wife and told the hit-man to make it look like Aryans. The judge tells him that he did it because of all of the decisions that would be overturned because he made them all while he was high.

Web tells Raines that he gave Svetlana’s name as well to be killed. Web kills himself after confiding that he tried to stop the hit-man, but he wouldn’t let him.

At Svetlana’s place, they find a small boy worrying about his mother who was just kidnapped by the hit-man. They corner him and Raines shoots about 15 bullets into the trunk and kills him.

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