Work Out S02E03 (Bravo)

Jackie’s life is not going as well as she wants it. She is having ups and downs and her new venture, Sky Lab is taking a lot out of the trainers.

On top of that, she is seeing two different women at the same time.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Gregg and Zen used to date, but aren’t dating right now. Zen thinks he’s too young; he’s 23 years old and still has a thing for her.

Jessie is self-conscious about being fat. He is the least in shape of all the trainers. It looks like he has issues about his whole situation. This was probably brought on by his tiff with Doug about gayness, among other things.

Doug is like a father figure for Brian, and Brian acknowledges this fact. He gets advice from Doug about his temper. He takes his bruised ego to Jackie. He is in a funk about her dissing his training skills.

She has a boot camp session with her Sky Lab clients.

Rebecca and Jackie are hanging out. They are flirting a lot. They wash her dogs together.

Gregg has to go to court about an incident that happened a few years ago. He was called a derogatory name by someone and punched him in the face.

Jackie is continuing her sessions with her therapist. She isn’t speaking to Mimi anymore. For some reason, Jackie believes that she can have significant relationships with her employees. From Rebecca to Jessie, she just doesn’t know to respect the bounds of the employer/employee relationships.

In these relationships, when they go into the personal life, the boss normally has an unfair power or advantage over their employees, which is unspoken but always present. It’s best to respect the boundaries that exist in the places of our employment.

In the end, Jackie has so much more than her trainers, it’s just unfair to always flaunt it to them.

Zen is going to do a stand-up comic set.

Jessie is giving Jackie advice on the diet for the customers of Sky Lab. He is a chef and loves food, so he knows a few things.

Jackie is hanging out with Tiffany, a woman she met a few years ago and with whom she had an affair while she was on a break with Mimi. Jackie says that she knows she is really important to Tiffany because she is the only woman, at that time, who had slept with her.

Jackie definitely has an ego and a false sense of her worth to other people. Maybe it’s the editing, but we can see an edge appearing in her illustrious façade.

Gregg is talking to his client about his dealings with Zen and how disappointed he is with her reaction about his court date.

Tiffany and Jackie go to the batting cages to have some fun. Jackie becomes agitated and frustrated. Tiffany is the girl that she is dating now. Tiffany kicks Jackie’s ass in the batting cages.

Jackie has a slumber party with her “friends”. Zen and Rebecca are there. Jackie and Rebecca put on erotic lotion on their privates and are surprised because nothing happened.

Gregg’s charge got dismissed. He got a disturbing the peace charge. Meanwhile, Zen apologized for not being compassionate. She then goes to the Laugh Factory and does a stand-up comedy skiff about the team. Meanwhile Rebecca and Jackie were snuggling up. Everybody is noticing.

Admittedly, Erika does not know what was going on. Twice.

Rebecca and Jackie are making out.

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